419 Old format Vs New format 不不不不 wait for it

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  • Title: 419 Old format Vs New format 不不不不 wait for it
  • Author: BABA KAMO
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  • Upload Date: 2021-11-02 06:32:49
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    1. 弘弘弘弘弘

    2. The music killed me 不不不不不

    3. Scamer scam Scamer

    4. How did u print ur photo inside money

    5. I love your comedy 不

    6. Baba kamo you are so funny 不

    7. Love this man comedy

    8. I know say Baba Kamo no nice that.
      Bad market.


    10. Omo i just dey laugh and shit

    11. https://youtu.be/qRJjgadlKcw

    12. Omo, baba Kamo no go kill me, d victim don pray sef

    13. sey the money is printed by central bank of isein

    14. Wow nice one so d guy even get money 不不不

    15. More wisdom and knowledge to you guys love you from Houston Texas

    16. Please tag me your next video

    17. Ona Enugu re tio ba fe fese rin ooo 不不

    18. I so much love this skit! So hilarious… Big ups, Baba Kamo

    19. 不不不不不

    20. For as many that ask for the Title of the song, this is the song baba Kamo used.
      The name of the singer is : "RICOS CAMPOS"
      The title is : – "KPAYIDO"

      The song is in Gun language and the singer is from Cotonou – B矇nin Republic.

    21. 不不不不不 ds life don tire me

    22. Lolx….You guys are too much joor, keep it up bro

    23. Baba kamo, you're too much jawe

    24. 不不不不不不

    25. Damn this shit is fire 休

    26. Abeg, I need the title of the song.

    27. Haaa kilode baba kamon

    28. 不不不不不不 format pass format

    29. You are doing well

    30. Baba kamo want to Kil me oo不不不

    31. Baba kamo title of that music!!!

    32. I wonder when baba kamo become a good Samaritan not knowing he has his own plan 不不

    33. this is hilarious…More Grace Baba kamo

    34. 不 Printed by the Central Bank of baba kamo

    35. I am from Iseyin and we didn't know you here baba kamo

    36. NICE combo… Big up Dr Bengu

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