A Nigerian eating Indian Food

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  • Title: A Nigerian eating Indian Food
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    1. Girl it looks good! I’m peeping that appetizer, I think it is 🤔

    2. Try some barfi plz

    3. 4:34 damn you sounded like an actual Indian while saying that! keep up the good Hindi pronunciation 😁

    4. the noise as soon as she entered the restaurant truly proves that it is indeed Indian 😂♥

    5. can u go to cityview next its a lebanise resturant

    6. Gurl! You can eat?😍🥰😘❤️ I loved every bit of this vlog.I must be at these restaurant by this weekend and literally take wiv me this video.I want everything you had.I am not a fan of Indian food bu the way you described it??? Common,I shall be there.Thnx I love your videos sooo much!

    7. Order biryani too next time to ur menu u will love it

    8. This is exactly how I am with South Korean movies, foods, and culture in general.

    9. Their chicken toori is so good

    10. Love watching your all videos🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 continue doing the same ❤️

    11. Maraji, where is this place please.

    12. Lots of love 💖😘 from India ❤️❤️😊😊

    13. This spot is a must try and bring friends with [email protected] looks like theres a lot of time for dialogue!! Lol

    14. I love so much indian food too😊

    15. You're hindi is too good,and your personality is awesome, I'd love to be your friend and learn African

    16. Yoooo, no shame, when I get my drink before my food, I gotta order another one when it come. Like, the juice just NOICE. 😂

    17. Hum khush isiliye ho rahe hain kyuki aap khush hain (I am happy because you're happy!)

    18. I am not Indian but I am Bangladeshi and my parents make and buy Indian food almost all the time and it like the best thing I had. Also I see why you like the paneer

    19. Your love to India is speechless, thank you so much❤❤

    20. I dont get why people wear lip gloss right before they bout to eat, when eating will take it off anyway🤷‍♀️

    21. Kerala movie

    22. I work at an Indian restaurant before and I actually know how to make that mango lasee

    23. 🇱🇰🇳🇬🤍♾

    24. I also love indian food
      Love from Kashmir India

    25. I love Indo-Asian food, culture and fashion so damn much! Its good I'm not the only one!!

    26. She is definitely an Indian

    27. Mango lassie. I had that the first time at Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. I went crazy about that s***. Went all the way back to the island for another one the next weekend. Then I started wishing I could add coffee to it.

    28. I love and miss Indian food.

    29. So nice to see that u r loving Indian food🙈❤️❤️❤️

    30. if you like mango lassi then i really recommend trying Mexican banana milkshake

    31. Love from India 🥰🥰

    32. I am hungry now chai😋

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