Achenyo Idachaba: I left my job in corporate America to start a business in Nigeria – Gist Nigeria

Achenyo Idachaba is one woman who saw opportunities in the menace posed by invasive water hyacinths littering the waterways of Lagos state.

She took a leap of faith, left her job in corporate America and returned to Nigeria to impact lives.

Today, she transforms these water hyacinths into sustainable products.

About Gist Nigeria:

Gist Nigeria is a 30-minute current affairs programme, co-produced by the BBC and Channels Television for viewers in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The program offers in-depth reporting, focusing on stories behind the news and their impact on its audience.


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  • Title: Achenyo Idachaba: I left my job in corporate America to start a business in Nigeria – Gist Nigeria
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    1. That’s what I am taking about people like her using her skills . Yes it’s great to think big

    2. This is highly inspiring, and quite encouraging for others who may be pulling their legs to do the same..

    3. Good luck in this CV19 economy.

    4. We need more minds like you and thank you for inspiring me!❤️

    5. Not about the money but what makes you happy.

    6. Follow your heart. There is both wealth and poverty in every profession.

      Musician, attorney, entrepreneur, coach, author, doctor.

    7. Amazing, that’s what we all in the Diaspora need to be doing, going back home to Africa and invest, create jobs and help our motherland to be great…

    8. She is doing a great job. Get education in USA and take it back to your own country

    9. Success story sister good move! That's how we should all do, I will be following your footsteps soon. You are an inspirational person!

    10. Smart woman with innovative ideas 💡 kudos!!!

    11. the innovation please God i need this ..

    12. Those clocks are beautiful.

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