Action! Mumu of the century | Classy Jesters

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  • Title: Action! Mumu of the century | Classy Jesters
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  • Upload Date: 2021-10-06 15:17:14
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    1. This guy and mr sabinus who mumu pass

    2. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    3. Mumu of African lolz

    4. Mumu of African lolz

    5. You mumu no be small

    6. They have left you behind

    7. 返返返芬歹歹歹歹

    8. Thanks for the laughter capsule …This boy na Mumu!

    9. You are a big fool bro

    10. I was once scammed this way at Computer Village in Lagos. I trekked from ikeja to Ketu busstop. I got home and started raining curses and crying at the sametime in the bathroom under a running water. God, I will never forget that day

    11. In fact your mumu na war

    12. No be this life you go hear action 不不

    13. Mumu with full chest 不

    14. 70 yrs old man 不不不

    15. Shey your mumu no too much like this不不

    16. Sabinus brother

    17. A great lesson. You don't just barged into what you don't know about.

    18. Werey say he dey inside bahubali 不

    19. They have left you behind

    20. U r a Mumu Man.

    21. Omor nice one

    22. Here before we get to a million view

    23. This guy deserves a million views

    24. This guy

    25. Wait make them call action nah

    26. They have left you behind…. 不不不不不 Action

    27. one chance.

    28. Youre a mumu man! 不

    29. This guy no suppose dey stay for middle of back seat again after all he don see from that position in past skits

    30. Make you wait na, dem go still call action. Abi dem don kidnap your laptop and phones, 70-year-old man?

    31. Your mumu no too much

    32. Lolz u no even thank God sey they no cut off your head

    33. Wait small naa. Action si nbo 不

    34. They have left you behind sorry oo

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