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    1. Oh Jesus christ, 😒 I wish they hear word ooo

    2. Omo this is my area around isheri market.

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    4. Omoh! This is so emotional

    5. Powerful message,

    6. Wow what an interesting way of educating us. I pray we should learn from it and make our country a better place ☺️

    7. The result of thinking you're above the law πŸ™„πŸ™„

      Really felt this. Weldone Mr Debo

    8. This is a very powerful message…. Thank you so much Mr freaky, for 30 seconds I was just busy looking at my phone after the shock of the message passed, this is touching

    9. I agree with everyone and say that this is the best skit, the message is very powerful! Chai!

    10. This is actually deep… beyond comedyπŸ€”

    11. This actually made me teary

    12. Your stupidity can cause serious demolition………hmmmmmm…..deep

    13. The message strikes the emotions necessary to pass the message, I don't think I will ever follow one-way.

    14. God! Who is cutting the onions in here? πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯At first I thought I was watching the usual comedy skit, not until the last 60 secs when it struck me dat dis is way beyond just a comic relief. Believe me when I say you're doing well.
      A real #edutainment ✌✌✌

    15. My heart broke watching this. So many people's lives destroyed when others insist on being selfish.

    16. Sad reality of life, made me weep! Well done as always Daddy wa

    17. This guy dey act o, I almost felt pity for him, nice message

    18. What a strong message

    19. Weating for the next episode

    20. Hmmm,the wrong way matter kill my friends mum July when she's about crossing the road,she only check the normal side
      May her soul RIP
      Thanks for the movie bro, it's heart broken to see your love ones dying in pain

    21. Lateef understood the assignment.

    22. Debo!! That’s really emotional 😭

    23. In developing and advanced countries, people call EME not crying or shouting.

    24. The video clearly shows us how important our collective effort is towards ensuring law and order. However, I think Mr. Debo was intentional in not stating the reality of majority of Nigerian roads/officers.

      For those who doubt: drive again, board a bus and explore.

    25. So touching

    26. This is the very first time i am serious about macaroni, i could not even laff, it is whats realy happening, the message is more than intense and soul warming….i love it. Kip it coming, maybe thos bastards will hear

    27. Wow… this got me teary eyed. Thank you for the message embedded.

    28. I actually cried

    29. Honestly we need orientation on how to apply first aid treatment at any point of calamity. See how they were all crying, no one could help, good skit about drivers, good lesson to us all to learn how to react in face of such. Hmmmmmm

    30. Wow! Thank God u diverted again from your usual unpleasant skit. This is what somebody like me want but u hit me hard o. I be professional one way taker

    31. Extremely powerful. Thanks for this.

    32. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ.

    33. Why is my neighbour cutting onions?? This happens everyday. No one has to go through this at all. It's insane!

    34. Short yet powerful. Keep up the good work Debo. You are doing well.

    35. The message is that one way drive is not good, it could lead to death. A string message from Mr. Macaroni!!

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