Aisha Yesufu: ‘#EndSARS is a fight for the next generation of Nigerians’ – BBC Africa

Aisha Yesufu is known as one of the co-founders of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement, working to rescue the schoolgirls kidnapped in Chibok, Nigeria by Boko Haram militants in 2014. She spoke to BBC Africa about her role in the historic anti-Sars protests in the country, and why she has felt compelled to make a difference for the country’s youth.


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  • Title: Aisha Yesufu: ‘#EndSARS is a fight for the next generation of Nigerians’ – BBC Africa
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    1. Ma will need your voice election is coming around please ma

    2. If you support or believe in Aisha Yesufu join M.O.P. (Twitter – @MOVEMENTOFTHEP1) a party founded by Fela Kuti in 1979.

      MOP (Movement of the People) is building a developed, modern and new Nigeria, where people are free, and treated equally irrespective of tribe, religion or class. A Party that believes activists like Aisha Yesufu should be elected to lead the country.

    3. I thank this activist for taking a stand for all in Nigeria with an emphasis on preserving the innocent Youth from suffering to become the responsible ambitious industries and productive generation of Nigeria's future. May God bring Peace in Nigeria . My prayers are with all in Nigeria during this difficult Time. Rev.Walden Smith. Thks to the BBC covering this Nigerian Conflict.

    4. #ikonο·²πŸ€”

    5. Stand with nigerian brothers and sisters!!

    6. iPhone no be crime,dressing cool and nice no be crime.

    7. MaChallah mouhamadou rasoulou lah πŸ•‹β˜πŸΎπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡³πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡³

    8. LA anallahu alaiki

    9. Fake news!!!! This is all you know: cover bad news on the continent.

    10. People with melanin worldwide face the same thing! It is our duty to speak out and fight against the injustice. Weather its by the hand of Europeans Chinese or our own people of melanin kind. Can't take no more won't take no more!!!

    11. U are really doing great job…..As salam aliekum from india

    12. Leave Nigeria alone
      Nigeria have the best economy in Africa.
      Don't destabilize Nigeria

      Don't be asshole guys.

    13. Prayers for my Nigerian brothers and sisters from California πŸ™

    14. Reading comments on most youtube footage make me wonder why there are any problems anywhere in the world ,
      With so many experts who no everything about every country

    15. Aisha Yesufu, massive respect to you sis!!!

    16. Why are we doing this to our own. This reminds me of the united states how the police are murdering unarmed black people. But what bothers me its racial related in the US. But its black on black that just blows my mind. Who's behind this sounds like the french is behind this. You find the person who's behind it and I guarantee its the french white supremacy.

    17. Aisha you’re an amazing woman God bless you always πŸ’“

    18. #StrongerTogether #UnitedWeWillWithstand #Project2020ReconcileHumanity #EndSARS #NigeriaAfricaOurFamily

    19. The brutality from the Law enforcers in Nigeria, is just too much. Imagine the youths exercising their right to a Peaceful Protest, with placards, yet being shot at and killed by the Nigerian Police. It's so sickening. Imagine the genocide committed on Tuesday, 20th Oct. 2020, at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos. Protesters, sat on the floor with their Nigerian Flags and singing the National Anthem, were nonetheless shot at, killed and injured by Soldiers. Now the Nigerian Army have denied the shooting, the State Governor (Sawo-Olu) said no one died! 🀦🀦… Lies upon lies from our so called leaders. 😭😭😭

    20. Aisha this is a great move.Go girl!! As for Nigeria,we the rest of the world are together with you.Receive my love and warm hugs from Kenya.

    21. i don't know about this…Islam has been responsible for thousands of deaths in Nigeria by Aisha becoming the face of the endsarrs movement it may lead many to sympathise with the Islamic ideology in the south and some parts of the north and ignore that Islamic extremism is a huge problem in Nigeria. ill be praying anyway let me not lean to my own understanding but God's. By the way, I'm not objecting to Aisha speaking..everyone has the right to speak out against injustice Christian or not even if they subscribe to an ideology that says Christians, jews and polytheist are the worst of creatures and we should be treated as 2nd class citizens and half a Muslim under sharia law.

    22. "One Nigeria" will only get worse, because without a uniting ethos there can be no united action.

      India in spite of its apparent diversity has a uniting ethos – all Prime Ministers but one have been Hindu (and only high-caste Hindu). So India is essentially a Hindu nation with Hindu-tolerating minorities.

      China has a uniting ethos – 80% subscribe to the Confucian worldview and 80% speak Mandarin. USA has a uniting ethos – "White Anglo-Saxons Protestant". All US Presidents have been professing Christians (not atheists or Jews, for instance). In fact, all have been Protestants (except JFK).

      This is similar to what we have in the UK where in the last 70 years, all graduate Prime Ministers (but one) have been Oxford educated; and there has never been a UK PM who was not a professing Anglican (no Roman Catholic; no Pentecostal; no Baptist!). Amazingly, because of differing ethos the English could not even sustain a union with the Irish with whom they share the same language/religion/race! The Scots & English are almost identical in culture and have had the same monarch for 300 years, yet the Scots insisted on being self-governing and now want total independence. A little over half of the English vocabulary is French, yet there is no question of France and England uniting into one nation.

      Our main "mumuism" is the worship of the Caucasian leading to the belief that a geographical entity created by imperialists is somehow sacrosanct. If the UK which created Nigeria divided, how can "ONE NIGERIA" be sacrosanct? The utter anarchy in Nigeria will never end since it is the direct result of the absence of a common ethos. The only way forward is the emergence of new but more cohesive independent Nations, perhaps within a "Commonwealth of Nigeria". The much-desired unity of Africa can only result from the unity of cohesive nations.

    23. Please be aware of what is happening all over west Africa. We know the situation is thought but like any smart people i think is really really strange that all those things happen only few month after west Africa says no to France for ECOWAS money. Nigerian ask for the end of SARS and SARS end. How come the new goal is the end of the gouvernement??? Please my brother and sister dont be stupid. The only goal they have is to divide those country , putt new people in place to be able to take the Ecowas money and run all over west Africa. Mali is on fire, Ivory coast in fire, GuinΓ©e in fire Nigeria in fire ect… Dont be stupid this is not what you think. You are used by those who want to run over Africa.. Please people dont be stupid please. Thats what they always do. Please watch out whats is happening and dont let people divide the society there because the scramble for west Africa has start! So be strong be smart and dont let them win

    24. A powerful message here about nation building, building for generations after us, caring enough to build a better society

    25. England is responsible for the killing and neocolonialism in Nigeria.

    26. God bless U Dear….Our Good God Will Always be your Strength…AMENπŸ’œ

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