Algeria’s former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika dies aged 84 – BBC Africa

The former president of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has died after a long illness at the age of 84.

Bouteflika led the country for almost two decades, stepping down in 2019 after his bid for a fifth term in office led to massive street protests.

He played a key role in Algeria’s war of independence in the 1950s and 60s.

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    1. Allah yerahmo although he did bad things its between him and Allah SWT

    2. Rest in peace bouteflika

    3. Now he will answer to Allah for his crimes

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    5. May his soul rest in peace

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    7. This Time,he is Really Dead ! For real 🤣

    8. He was a faithful servant of the french neocolonialism as with his diabolic genious he managed to keep Algeria under-developped despite the spending of trillions of dollars.

    9. Enfin le fossoyeur criminel du clan marocain du traitre hassan2 est mort "go to hel pour tes crimes "

    10. The number of times he was announced dead.

    11. I did not protest him, he was incapable of governing and he was hostage to the economic mafia, that mafia i protested, Bouteflika is a hero of the revolutionary battle of independence, and a diplomatic icon, he resolved many conflicts in the world, he was very very smart.
      May his soul rest in peace

    12. How much money he took with him to the grave ? 0

    13. May his soul rest in peace. I will definitely do a video about his final moments.

    14. le noble marocain BOUTEFLICA a accompli de bien sa mission,, gaspillage de 1500 milliards de dolars pour rien et la ruine absolue de l algerie……il merite largement medaille en or et en lumiere de sa majeste le roi mohamed 6

    15. On à passer dès beaux moments avec nôtre chère président Abdelaziz Bouteflika allah yerhmou 🙏

    16. إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون .. الشعب على أبواب الدخول المدرسي… الفقر.. الجوع… غلاء الأسعار…الأمراض… الحقرة… إلى أين نحن ذاهبون… منذ الاستقلال الكاذب… و المزعوم…..إلى يومنا هذا… … و الشعب يتخبط…. في الحضيض… و المجازر.. و الفساد…. و الفقر… حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل الناس كل يوم تموت… الصالحين… و المجرمين… بالنسبة للشعب الجزائري هو واحد من الناس… و الحساب الحقيقي عند رب العالمين… و كل من كان سبب في مأسات الشعوب… و فقرها… من بعيد أو من قريب…. يا ويلو من حساب رب العالمين…

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