Amadou & Mariam – Je Pense à Toi live | History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi

Malian musical duo Amadou & Mariam perform Je Pense à Toi live in Bamako, Mali.

This is the theme music for History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi – you can watch the full series here:


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  • Title: Amadou & Mariam – Je Pense à Toi live | History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi
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    1. I just discovered the series, which explored so well the resilience and long March for freedom of the continent. Thank you, Zainab. Well done!

    2. Great job Empress Zainab Badawi, you need to do a similar series highlighting the countries of the Caribbean.

    3. I've listened to this song before when I was younger, now I heard it and it immediately brought back memories of my grandmother's house and the smell of the plants, trees and energy . I love this song so much!

    4. This song should be adopted as an PST for a movie where it should play in the background throughout the movie.

    5. Very catchy. Always love to hear this melody at the beginning/end of the program.

    6. such a powerful song. sadly, the bbc should have provided a better venue with great sound. chance missed.

    7. Thank you. It took me a month to watch the series. I learnt a lot.

    8. 👌👌 my everyday anthem

    9. Thank you for this wonderful series.

    10. This song is really beautiful

    11. I must say a very big thank you to the BBC for taking up this role of bringing an insight to the history of Africa from the African perspective. We may not have had the best of indigenously written work to put this forward but this was a very beautiful attempt at it. Though this series brings mixed feelings of joy and bitterness, we are very much proud about it because it is our story, it is our identity. More important to acknowledge is the fact that we pulled through.
      The freedom of Africa is not fully here. Freedom is not only the absence of physical coercion, it is also an empowerment of the mind. The African mind is still a much dependent one. Until such dependency is significantly reduced, Africa still has some work (maybe not much work) to do.
      The huge concern is that not many young Africans would spend the time seeing the series.
      @Zeinab_Badawi, it was a very great job. Besides many other qualities, you were real.
      Many thanks to the BBC once again. Many thanks to UNESCO.

    12. It is one thing to know logically and theoretically, that Africa has great history and great potential. This series shows it in all its glory.

    13. Great song, thank you all

    14. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿♥️

    15. Love this song🥰💕💕

    16. Good job Zainab ilove what you've done to the continent,i feel challenged that its now my turn to showcase .

    17. Zeinab, thank you for this very eye-opening, educative and all-round comprehensive, covering of the history of the tumultuous challenges and triumphs faced by Africa and the people of Africa. It was a great education. Thank you, once again!

    18. Zeihnab'ye is my second wife so well educated on the matter as she eloquently informing us about our story.
      Just as Asia was then and now has emerged once again , the African era is approaching:
      Young population
      God fearing Well schooled
      Sitting on treasure that will last for centuries!!!!!!!!

    19. Love your song, thank you very much.

    20. Thank you so much for giving everyone access to this wonderful series! Such a respectful and professional approach to Africa was long overdue. Will we eventually be able to watch the second series as well?

    21. Zainab you did an excellent job but the Ghanaian history aspect was skewed to only Ashante history, the Northern part of the country also has a rich and diverse history too

    22. I listened to them five times lol replaying the video every time it finishes. Quite interesting 😀 Greetings from Malaysia 😀

    23. What happen to part 16? is slavery not part of African history? or it that the western don't want us to know their evil deeds? all in all it was a great documentary


    25. I adore this song. Speaks to my heart and soul. Viva Africa 🌍🇬🇲❤️

    26. Zainab, you are tough. Thank you


    28. I love this! I'm just now hearing about them…

    29. thanks for listening and finally giving them credit

    30. 🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️

    31. BBC belong to Gates foundation…..

    32. Classical African music in French? 😭

    33. I explored them several years ago. As they said music is universal. Greetings from İstanbul /Turkey

    34. Thank you for untapping our beautiful africa. we expect a lot more

    35. Zainab Badawi, you've really done a great job opening the eye of the world to the history, cultures and languages, potentials of Africa

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