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    1. Woah πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

    2. This country has been rotting away for decades now. It takes more than votes or protesting to change anything. The shit is too deep now way too deepπŸ˜£πŸ˜”

    3. Mcheeeeeeee

    4. This is deep and 101β„… accurate. God bless you Me Macaroni

    5. Believe

    6. Believe

    7. Them don take light πŸ’‘ haha πŸ™ˆ useless sets of people πŸ‘« God punished all you all

    8. I shed tears watching this video. God bless Mr. Macaroni

    9. NINI TOSALI TE πŸ‡¨πŸ‡©βœŠ

    10. Nigeria explained in 5 minutes, this is sad, I cried

    11. can this be played every october 20? sad reality of Nigeria under Buhari government

    12. The Nigeria Reality

    13. As we no see any change from Apc, pls who is with the isi ego (the capital)? Let the person bring back the money pls

    14. In Nigeria where there's mass Unemployed youths..our politicians sieve grants that come into the country like seriously, despite how much they earn and loot,they still slash salaries and all.. yet the same folks come out to need our votes, paying us crumbs out of our own monies…we must fight more strategically henceforth…

    15. Let us be Card Carrying Members not only pvc owner's.. sad is most of us don't even wanna get their PVCs to vote with . Thinking pvc is only for Account opening is really sad

    16. Let us start getting practically involved in the politics of the day… More of us with the same mindset will be hard to all be bought off…

    17. Until all the politicians in Nigeria is killed it'll not get better, and if you can't kill them, poison kill their children anyway you find them both home and abroad, that's the only solution.
      Thank you…

    18. Thank You Very Much for this #EndSars

    19. You got this right, the message is clear.

    20. RIP to all the departed souls in the fight for peace and justice.

    21. my love for maccaroni dey pass him comedy this days. he is speaking for many youths

    22. That’s Nigeria for you

    23. Thank you Sir. You make me emotional. Trinidad & Tobago.

    24. I cried watching this

    25. The northern people will never think like this…. religion in the north is everything, they only concern about religious matters and not a better country or a better economy.

    26. This brought tears to my eyes.

    27. This needs to be more projected, this msg is very much important!

    28. I always watched you people on IG sometimes you will post and be asking people to send account for 10k , if Will have our own country and make it great than Dubai did you think anyone will care about those useless 10k you people are given online .. but all this Nigeria celebrities selfish they will never support you to have a better country because they are all benefiting from it one way or the other ..

    29. Mr macaroni it’s time for all the celebrities to stop been selfish and think about the poor people , I know our celebrities and politicians don’t want the poor people to be rich or comfortable because who will be their bodyguard or beg them for money at the entrance of shop rite , if Will divides this Country , Igbo and Yoruba country will be a better country than Dubai ..

    30. Mr macaroni, I know you don’t want Nigeria to be separate because of the money you are making in Nigeria , but remember that millions of people are suffering in that contraction country , only few who are lucky like you are enjoying .. it’s better if we all go our separate way and manage our resources , Mr macaroni it’s time for all the celebrities to stop been selfish and think about the poor people

    31. Oh my goodness this is torching

    32. Nigeria is your own, I leave it for you guys, I can't kill myself

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