Baba kamo Loan centre 不不不 Apply now

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  • Title: Baba kamo Loan centre 不不不 Apply now
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  • Upload Date: 2021-09-08 09:51:42
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    1. Lmao funny as F

    2. I love these fools lmao 不 不 不

    3. Well, I think you're doing a great job to make us laugh but I feel very insulted that you can joke with JESUS BLOOD in making your video. Let me ask, can you use another religion to joke and not have repercussions for doing so?. I hope you offer you apology and ALL true Christians should condemn your action in this video.

    4. You guys are crazy I almost fell from the chair Im sitting 不不不不

    5. Baba Kamo this is so funny

    6. Baba Alariya, you are fraud o, how can you expect to collect #5m just like that without any collateral and documentation, still you refused to swear an oath? Na wa o. Who does that? Good message.

    7. I don Laugh tired ooo

    8. I don Laugh tired ooo

    9. Ooooh my goodness

    10. On top how much Baba kamo that you want to ruin your customers life 儭不儭不儭不儭不不儭不不儭不儭不不不不

    11. Your comedy is medicinal

    12. Baba Kamo and Baba Alariya…walahi both of you are gangstas!!不不

    13. Baba kamo no go kill person ooooo

    14. I love you guys so much
      Kudos to you bro

    15. Lagbaja omo lagbaja

    16. 不不不不

    17. Lol 不不不

    18. Subtitles in English would have been great

    19. 不不不不不不不

    20. Wow this guy are so loving

    21. Guys stop skipping adverts if you like their comedy.

    22. Lmao which kind loan company be this

    23. I pray for you more success ahead

    24. Ride on brothers

    25. Lol不不不不

    26. Una no go kill me

    27. Politicians should swear like this during inauguration. You don't perform, you run ……

    28. O ga ooo

    29. Sex scandal in enugu

    30. 不不不不Whenever I see them together I always imagine how their old age will look like
      More wisdom to you guys

    31. lol .. you two combination na fire

    32. First to like and first to comment 歹

    33. Nobody get the message in this comedy" it all about all those online loan that embarrass people that re unable to pay back " they will start calling ur contacts embarrassing them…

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