Black Axe: Nigeria’s Mafia Cult – BBC Africa Eye documentary

The Black Axe are one of the most feared and powerful organised crime groups in the world. The highly secretive mafia – referred to as a “cult” in Nigeria – have been accused of countless murders and are estimated to earn millions of dollars through internet fraud. But who is behind them? Are politicians involved?

BBC Africa Eye has been investigating. Reporter Peter Macjob is on a journey to meet the Axemen face to face.

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  • Title: Black Axe: Nigeria’s Mafia Cult – BBC Africa Eye documentary
  • Author: BBC News Africa
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  • Upload Date: 2021-12-13 00:00:12
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    1. Omg this is 😭😭😭😭😭😭….

    2. Africa when will we stop this madness!!

    3. Oh God, I had to pause throughout the widow's story. I was crying all over, I just don't understand how a human can't feel anything while doing these things, this whole video was so emotional for me, I might just take a few days to recover from it.

    4. I salute the determination and bravery of every member of the team to put up this work. God bless you all. May God heal our country

    5. Please BBC returned to Hausa please

    6. This is one of those times where I appreciate our dictator president. He wouldn't stand this cult nonsense…

    7. A very touching documentary, so sad to see how people are living with a great danger among them, let's hope calmness comes soon

    8. My parents left Nigeria to give my slibilings and I, their children a better life; all I want to do is help these people back home. This infuriates me. And the government isn't doing anything to stop it.

    9. Are we curse with African Leaders ??? This are everywhere even here in Ivory Cost. Lord have Mercy

    10. I always wonder why guys would kill for you know how they are taking your life worthless for them not to care if you die

    11. I’m glad the vigilante groups are getting rid of these evil senseless devil worshippers. Dying protecting the people is a better honor than joining such a group as the axe men safety. May Allah help the innocent and aide them to justify this land, Amin.

    12. BBC has exposed so many ugly shit in Nigeria than any other African country

    13. rhese women realy should stop having babies knowin they are bringing yhem into such a savage cpuntry

    14. This is very sad, human killing humans like chicken!…what's the purpose of this life, this world is deceiving the majority, this world is not a place to get happiness, happiness comes from fear of God the Al mighty Allknower of what's hidden in our hearts

    15. Dr Stone. Thanks for changing and trying to make the world a better place to live

    16. Wow that was heart breaking. Great reporting by Peter Macjob
      Once a government allows corruption to take root, everyone suffers
      This is a lesson why this corrupt global corporate takeover must be stopped & not allowed to flourish, because decades after it does, this documentary will become a reality for the majority of the rest of the world.

      Just look how fast the violence has increased in US cities in just a year.
      In some places it's not unusual to have over 500 murders a month, from the elderly, to month old infants.
      Law & Order must be protected & it's every person's duty to protect it. Peace.

    17. Am a Kenyan and a great fan of my brothers and sisters from Nigeria, I just pray for God's divine intervention in Nigeria.

    18. Why can’t you show how much progress the children here are showing in school ?Or how creative the new generation is? Why must it always be something bad ? To me that’s straight up propaganda

    19. I get how important the recognition for stories like this is … but come on most of the time BBC has something to say about Africa it has to be bad we have good things going on here too… yes there’s a lot of bad but there’s a lot of bad happening everywhere if you really think about it . In times where there’s so much negativity let’s spread some positive news for once

    20. This is the most emotional documentary I've seen since my existence, this so sad to watch I felt really bad for the widow, I wish I could help, kudos to the team that created this documentary.

    21. I guess America getting her pay back for Nigerians coming and infiltrating their system and if you follow the money you will see, they go abroad misbehave then go back to Nigeria with no penalty America don’t have no love for Mother Africa but she hates 🇳🇪 with a passion unite Mother Africa it’s time now

    22. Something must kill a man. SM 4 life

    23. when will they stop having these many children , its not their fault

    24. You need guts to make such a documentary… Its really a cult documentary… Salute to Mr. Peter Macjob… Keep up such great work… Absolutely fantastic!!..God Bless!!

    25. Breaking oppression from the wh*teman now the wh×temen are gone and u are oppressing your own sisters and brothers. Hypocritical and mind-blowing and mind bloggling to me. People are so lost! You can't kill a SOUL IMBECILE! Religion and Imagery brings EVIL,war,corruption, death, chaos, confusion, greed,control, and division. No matter the face,race,or religion you try to portray on it, It has always been and will always be the same. Its the only one way. Be SPIRITUAL meaning
      The Father "GOD" "The Almighty "The Creator of All Things"
      "The Alpha The Omega",
      The SUN of GOD☀️"Lord of LIFE" "Physical Growth" , and
      The HOLY SPIRIT "KRST" THE SON of GOD "The Spirit of God through his son "The Soul" "Spiritual Growth" within him within "Thee" intermediately Man and Woman. Without the three in life and after death, You can not sustain physically, mentally, or spiritually in the world or the next. There is no religion. Theres only the Divine.
      Thts all u need💯💗🙌

    26. What the hell??? Humans are worse than animals….absolutely sick individuals.I shudder at the levels of evil in these people.May God have mercy on us.

    27. These pix is what they love to show about Africa can the government and the ppl clean up I’m sure this is not the face of Nigeria . But this should not be a part of such beautiful continent .

    28. Oh my good!!!!

    29. 23:20 Why is her son smiling 😭

    30. My heart & prayers are with Nigeria & the people of Nigeria. 💛

    31. The question is why ?! I mean why at all?

    32. Na u see why d vigilante don't show mercy

    33. What these ppl always miss are the white people behind it all!!

    34. Arent they scared ofvkilling their own family members when they go 'butchering'.this is soo painful wishing they can turn around and do good

    35. These men can lie oo. They know they are cultist.

    36. a very great piece, cultism is so primitive.

    37. Without regulation Onyabo will end up as some sort of cult hybrid. They already seem to be forming mini rituals and that dude was drunk

    38. It's really painful

    39. Same Reality in Haiti.

    40. Dr Johnson is gangster, end of.

    41. Shame on those people they live in a slump because they make it a slob it to the garbage in the water is it your brain can’t go that far seriously do not throw your garbage in the water and it will be clean Jesus

    42. I’m so scared watching this. This is where sars is supposed to come in😭

    43. I kill I’ve 😅😅

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