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  • Title: Black Friday EVERYWHERE VS NIGERIA
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  • Upload Date: 2020-11-28 11:57:19
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    1. Jesus lived, died and resurrected for you. He loves you and wants to have eternal life 💜

    2. Tunisia just liked this

    3. China just makes the products smaller, lighter or poor quality and also increase shipping rates.

    4. True that! 🤣🤣 Please what's the title of the last song?

    5. The corruption runs deep indeed hhahah

    6. This is not only Nigeria. This happens everywhere.

    7. I need the name of the soundtrack

    8. I swear you are point

    9. This is exactly what happens in my country Bangladesh also 😅😅 in the name of discount offers🙂

    10. legit thought Nigerians were going to do treasure hunt 🥴

    11. Maraji come to California we play this music all night at all the parties.

    12. The corruption goes DEEP DOWN 💀💀
      0:46 me 🤣🤣

    13. The corruption go deep down… Hihihi

    14. Name of the song please 🙏

    15. I wanted visit Nigera atlest once in my love time love from India 💖

    16. That is Expectation. The reality is TOTALLY different.

    17. Eastern Europe is also like this lol

    18. It really be like that. I DONE be stalking that product for all the 10 months and 25 days of the year. You can't be pulling that foolish over my eye. NAHHHH!

    19. 😂😂😂😂 jumia too do ds thing, na price wey hn dey before dem go slash am to

    20. in Turkey:

      normal price of the product:500₺
      a few days before Black Friday:800₺
      and on black Friday: 500₺

      #trendyol 😁😁

    21. They will just put it in delivery fee😂

    22. That's India Hahahhaha they raise the tag and say discount for the original price..but we don't even have black Friday. This case is on sale hahhahaa

    23. These are how South African discounts are all year round 🤣🤣🤣 They treat us as a joke in this country –

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