Just showing you how I make Buka Style Ewedu Soup mixed with Egusi


I Big Bunch of Ewedu Leaves (Jute or Molokhia)

2 Cups of Water

2 tbsp Blended Egusi

1 tbsp Locust Beans (Iru)

1 tbsp Ground Crayfish

1 Bouillon Cube (Optional)

Salt to taste


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    1. I should not put salt or maagi ?

    2. Pls can we use this style with gbegiri

    3. I prefer using broom

    4. It's important to add the reason you left the center cap off while blending is because it's hazardous to blend hot liquids (a lesson I just learned😭).

    5. God will judge u for this nonsense video u posted. 😒

    6. Is this okra the leave one ?

    7. Wow, so happy to know someone else is using My method

    8. Pls what is ground egusi.

    9. over here in my place we call this leaves "tugabang" very popular here.. 🙂

    10. Can I use maggi cube in stead of bouillon cube

    11. My dear Sisi, jo, have mercy on your egbon, (Who has no idea how to cook Nigerian food and is learning as we speak) can you do a video on the best stew this goes with. Jo! Ni to ri Olorun!🥺 I'm tryna impress someone.

    12. Hi, where do you buy ewede leaves?

    13. Thanks for the video easy and simple

    14. If you are outside Nigeria how do you get ewedu leaves ? Is there a substitute?

    15. New subscribe💋

    16. Hey sis! Thanks as always, you froze the ewedu after picking, does that help with the viscosity or that was simply because you weren’t ready to prepare it yet. A Great recipe, thanks as always 👊🏿

    17. My friend from Nigeria told me about this. I am dying to find the ingredients for this! I cant wait to try it!

    18. I'll definitely try this!

    19. How long did you freeze the ewedu leaf for??

    20. Sisi jemimah I just tried this recipe now and my ewedu turned out amazing.thank you for posting this.i actually make a decent ewedu but this one I made now is by far the best ewedu I’ve made.Thank you again for sharing this with us .

    21. Thanks for this my hubby loves ewedu but anytime I prepare it it's never like the buka style

    22. Is it compulsory to freeze it sis Jemimah?

    23. You are doing the lords work

    24. I have not had ewedu in a while, I need to revisit. Thanks for sharing.

    25. Potash is not needed?

    26. Never had Ewedu before but I might just try this👌🏾

    27. Where do you get ewedu leaves in the U.S. and what is it called?

    28. Ur always on point
      The great teacher👍👍👍👍👍👍💋

    29. Can't wait to have my first taste of Yoruba food. No offence meant but ewedu doesn't look appealing but my hope is it will taste better than it looks.

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