Buruji 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Sanyeri | Peju Ogunmola | Dele Odule | Itele

The desire to acquire wealth and inheritance is always accompanied with mischiefs, misfortunes and greed as the family of Mr. Thompson are left with a scar. An ongoing investigation in his stead awaken answers to unresolved mysteries.
Featuring: Sanyeri, Peju Ogunmola, Itele, Dele Odule, Mathew Balogun.

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  • Title: Buruji 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Sanyeri | Peju Ogunmola | Dele Odule | Itele
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    1. Nice concluding part

    2. Let see d end of this interesting movie

    3. Yoruba people use to say if a home is at peace the bastard child of that home as not grow up Ben is a bastard and he proof it..

    4. Finally BURUJI 2💃💃hmm o deep gan ooo so Benjamin father was d one behind d death of mr thompson all because of his inheritance still wan to kill his only son he wan to reap from wia he didn’t sow…like (Yoruba proverb use to say bi ile ba Toro,omo ale ibe ni ko ti da gba, Benjamin and his father get wat Dey deserve 💯and for bamisaye he cause wat happen to him he didn’t think abt his healt issue at all before chasing his brother!!!kudos to d cast and d crew👍👍nice concluding part☺️Thanks for uploading dis @Apatatv❤️

      Happy new month may dis new month bring good health,financial abundance,blessing of love and laughter to each and everyone of us inshallahu 🙏

    5. This channel so entertaining 💖

    6. Hmmmm very interesting movie thanks for uploading the concluding part good job happy weekend to you all

    7. Insteresting movie no matter how bastard child will be behave like that this lesson for every man out there don't accommodate them no matter there condition they eventually become something terrible thing

    8. I don't know why some people are bad and desperate like this because of someone else properties, nice concluding part

    9. Nice concluding thanks for uploading 👍

    10. Interesting thanks for uploading

    11. finally part2 is here

    12. Tank for uploading

    13. All because of wealth they just kill person kudos to you guys thanks 🙏

    14. Movie on point

    15. BURUJI 2 is here 💃💃 let's me see the end of this wonderful movie, thanks for uploading

    16. finally part2 is here

    17. Hmmmm this movie so interesting

    18. Police will always be police.

    19. The movie is good except I disagree with Bamise condition , if he can talk, he is from rich family and he is learner , he should be able to communicate by writing, this makes this move of lower standard

    20. Watching 😂

    21. This life is Deep and wicked

    22. Ruin a happy family all in the name of inheritance 🙃inu jin jo orun lo may god help us 🙏interesting kudos to u guys 👍

    23. Finally BURUJI 2 is out 🔥💃

    24. So interesting movie 🎥🤔👌👀

    25. How did he get arrested, tried and jailed without the opportunity to defend himself? Even if he couldn't talk, couldn't he write a statement? Couldn't he text his mom?
      I would like to know what medication he took that warranted him to go through series of surgeries which rendered him mute. Orishirishi!!!

    26. Hmmmm just bcs of inheritance Benjamin father killed Thompson also wanted to kill his son and for bamishe he no even pity his health he's tailing Benjamin around anyways that serves Benjamin a d his father right nice concluding part thanks for uploading

    27. This is an interesting story I enjoyed it💯…..Benjamin’s father wasted mr Thompson’s life on what doesn’t belongs to him huh, to Bamisaye he caused what happened to him he don’t even care about his health. I’m happy Benjamin and his father was apprehended @ the end.God bless the crew and cast🙏❤️.

    28. Mr Victor Ajanlekoko is a very wicked and evil man my goddness he killed Mr Thompson because of properties,Mr Thompson that helped him raised his son Benjamin and he also wanted to kill Bamisaye because of properties that isnt theirs ,ile aiye deep gan ni ,that serves Mr Victor and is son right

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