Buying Groceries online for the first time

If you wanna check them out

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  • Title: Buying Groceries online for the first time
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  • Upload Date: 2019-08-14 15:50:34
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    1. That is why I love Plateau State. Fresh vegetables and fruits and almost everything is accessible and affordable.

    2. I wash my hands b4 I touch my nyashhhh!! Haaaaaaaaha

    3. She is natural

    4. the switch between accents gets me cackling

    5. I mute ads and pass the time looking at comments so you get your coins

    6. Fhwffzggffgd

    7. I had no idea SPAR existed worldwide :O

    8. Mommy mommy mommy😂😂😂😂

    9. Comotted😂😂

    10. "ehnn i said there was someone missing"

    11. what was the intro song?

    12. Most of the things there are Indian exported. I'm surprised..!!! Britania, nescafe, etc alll from here o

    13. I wash my hands before I wash my nash😂😂😂😂😂, like seriously this is so hilarious 😂😂😂😂

    14. “how does the biscuits smell like hospital” 🤣🤣

    15. 4:53 That's okay, you can always dub over the clips next time – not that you needed to cuz the rest of the vids on your channel have audio perfectly on lol

    16. You can't just praess d button😂😂😂

    17. Na so Uber tell me say I dey owe Dem N400 since 18months ago and I'm like HOW?

    18. Are you Allergic to milk

    19. I am a woman of budget. But, I started watching your video last week, and my gb has been worth it.

    20. "Comoted"what ???

    21. I. Really love you ❤️❤️❤️

    22. I love broccoli !!

    23. Me watching the video in 2020 and being asked if am a witch. Kkkkkkk yohhhh let me go subscribe

    24. So funny! Huge fan! XD I'm, loving this

    25. Maraji:if you've not subscribed what are you waiting for i mean are you a witch

      me: naaahh i'm not… i'm new here….
      still me looking for the subscribe button to see what's in storeeeee for me….

    26. 😂 you called me out. I didn’t even realize I had not subscribed to ur channel 😂. I now did.

    27. Smells like hospital 😂😂

    28. @maraji…please what body cream do you on that dry peely spot..

    29. “Are u a witch” in British accent😂😂

    30. Did you just use toothbrush on your hair,lol

    31. Why you call me witch now? No love from me. I just subscribe only because am no witch.

    32. did she actually call the bananas somebody's dad lmaooo

    33. Omo..dem cheat you for your that tomatoes o.

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