Which one can you relate to 不不 lastborns are born to torment others 不

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    1. Waittttt, did I just see that teni was slapped??

    2. Ewee! she slapped Teni

    3. So finally Teni got her share of slaps不

    4. Finally!!!! Teni got slapped!!!!

    5. Omo graph paper dey always scarce ooo u gas get plug

    6. Ope o, first time wey baby Teni dey chop slap, is God not good?

    7. It's the siblings part for me

    8. I can relate oooo
      My junior brother oo

    9. For the first time the last born is slapped

    10. Waohhhhhhh the first part is me…..asking for pencil to submit at the middle of the night

    11. Siblings are the real devils oo, no cap 不不不不不不不

    12. T sharp comedy makes sense to check it out on YouTube channel

    13. Have done it before, my mum will listen to you but she will let them beat u in school and see the mark of the beaten before providing what u said u need…不弘

    14. The first one is me 屢屢

    15. 屢屢屢遐 need crayon at exactly 12am.

      I did it countless times屢屢

    16. I have forgotten my homework so many times I can't count 不不不

    17. graph book and CRANYON… lolllssss

    18. Finally slapped Teni唐

    19. Wallahi I can relate, this one sef is not onlyslap that I'll receive ooh it slap and she will not give. NEXT TIME SHE'LL SAY REMEMBER UR ASSIGNMENT

    20. Someone should help me o, I have Tao fever, watching almost 10 skits on a row and can't just stop clicking
      Tao you are a blessing

    21. The "crayon" and how Mama Tao take dash her the expected slap 9 crack me up pass

    22. We need more of this

    23. Messop oo messop

    24. I can relate to the first and the second scenario very well, that was my childhood . Taooma is too good! 踢

    25. Is the last part for me

    26. I love this baby character please add it to the family skit abeg,make Tao get small sis for house

    27. I did all while growing 不不
      So good at blackmailing my immediate senior brother

    28. Oh … I already liked this before …

    29. Oh my God
      I did his so well

    30. Its really interesting aswr

    31. Very accurate

    32. Make more of dis videos

    33. Will think about it kwanu?

    34. Lolx

    35. Lolx

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