Congo’s Missing Millions – BBC Africa Eye documentary

🇨🇩🏦Unlocking secrets from Africa’s biggest banking data leak, BBC Africa Eye reveals how millions of dollars of public funds ended up in the private bank accounts of businesses based in Democratic Republic of Congo and owned by family and associates of former President Joseph Kabila. This programme also raises serious questions about unexplained transactions through an official account for the office of the Presidency when Joseph Kabila was in power.

How much did the former president know?

The investigation is part of #CongoHoldUp, an international collaboration with access to evidence from BGFI Bank.

Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s most complex and exciting continent. Nothing stays hidden forever.

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Credit list:
In Collaboration with
European Investigative Collaborations
The Sentry
Congo Hold-up Partners

Produced and Directed by Joe Casey
Executive Producer – Andy Bell
Presenter – Joice Etutu
Film Editor – Tom Cottrell
Researchers – Ned Davies, Ronan Kemp, Nicole Gilmer
Production Manager – Simon Frost
Production Coordinator – Sarah Clarke
Reversioning Producer – Anna Payton
Impact Producers – Rhodri Davies, Hugo Williams
Social Media Producer – Anusha Kumar
Dubbing Mixer – Jez Spencer
Graphics – James Mobbs
Colour Grader – Boyd Nagle
Online Editor – Chris Stott
Archive – Pond 5, Getty
Africa Eye Editor – Tom Watson


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    1. Africa is a continent rife with corruption, the origin might just be the crab in the barrel effect.

    2. Totally off topic but Jean Jacques got that super villain sexiness going for him.

    3. Not millions!!!!! Sis billions!!!!

    4. This man has been in power since the year I was born till I was 22 😭 like what the hell even is that!!!!

    5. Take a look in British banks

    6. African americans and Marxist can you please stop making excuses for African despots

    7. That’s why Mother Africa can’t take care of her citizens properly and all of Mother Africa is exploited for her natural resources, the truth is that political and economic instability is imperative for America and her friends to keep Mother Africa poor by any means necessary and they mean business they even try to mediate the internal conflict that they the world haters trump up themselves, and that is why we have this corruption here today, it’s not the politics but the democratic systems that is set up to benefit Mother Africa open enemies and not Mother Africa citizens, Mother Africa unite get your freedom and heal your land and citizens because you looking foolish now, killing innocent people for greed, putting obstacles in the citizens way so your open enemies can benefit, just tell the truth and shame the devil America greed, a house divided against itself cannot stand or if one does not stands for something they will fall for anything just saying

    8. Congo has such rich history pre slavery/colonial time. And it breaks my heart to know that Congo never recovered from what King Leopold did, to colonialism to the assassination of Lumumba. Congo is the richest country in the world, everything we have from mobile phones, planes, TV, tablet etc are technically made/comes from Congo but majority live below below the poverty level or live war torn bit of the country. Plus the Ebola and covid pandemic and neo colonialism of western countries is just alot…

    9. I will never listen to anything said by BBC about Africa. FAKE NEWS BBC! I feel sorry for Africans who spend their parents money on education and then go work for BBC!

    10. When is the BBC going to do a similar probe on all those dodgy contracts. Covid the missing millions,!

    11. People of congo must fight for this,corruption must be punished!

    12. This is a serious investigative piece poorly presented. The lady presenter doesn't give it the seriousness it deserves. Same to the music playing in the background. BBC please be serious with your reporting.

    13. Africans get trick over an over by European ,American,an now the Chinese because power means me for them and not the development of the continent .They have oil ,diamond, gold so much yet in the West all we see is people drowning trying to cross the Mediterranean an charity organizations showing us hungry African to steal our money. The continent need people with a spirit like Mandela ,Tutu to bring real change that world can give them respect.

    14. Fake news as usual. I have nothing left to believe anything from western mainstream media.

    15. No matter how wealthy they are our grave size will always be the same!!!

    16. And how much has France and Britain stole from bits colonies. BBC have audacity to critique ⁹ⁿ

    17. And how much has France and Britain stole from bits colonies. BBC have audacity to critique ⁹ⁿ

    18. What’s with the background music..?

    19. Good information poor editing

    20. Thanks BBC, I hope similar documentary can be carry on here in my country Liberia after the George Weah regime.

    21. The current African problems have their roots in psychology. Extreme oppression endured by Africans over centuries is unparalleled no wonder they are this broken. The perpetual evils performed against Africans by colonialists have never been experienced by any other nation on earth, these kind of atrocities never happened in Asia (China or Japan for example). Africans lost their being when their natural evolution and cultural practices were stopped dead on their tracks by the colonial projects. The modern day African is scrambling of what's left of their culture which little success in a global environment that is heavily dominated by the western culture while the deliberate colonial setup still widely exists in African countries and continues to benefit the former colonizers. We are forever colonized…😢😒


    23. Just return the money don’t be like the colonists

    24. i wish the narrator wont be clicking herself back and forth to narrate. it destructs completely with the flow

    25. I wonder how much Mobutu stole?

    26. I would like to see an investigative documentary of stolen African artefacts and their worth and the transactions that our colonial fathers did in Africa.

    27. Where did you get the information about the history and so on…. There is no truth in it.
      Sad to see, based on lies history

    28. this chick is hot af!

    29. Not millions but billions by western culture influences

    30. These people are stealing money, but if they would invest in their people they would make even more money. Africa don't know what real money is. All of these African Governments have to create infrastructure – this creates jobs. Jobs increase the tax base, a middle class will develop and create demand for goods and services, which will create more jobs and create a thriving economy. The people at the top who invest in this burgeoning economy would be extremely wealth and wouldn't have to always depend on Europe and China. I'm tired of seeing these corruption stories.

    31. Government officials who STEAL the TAX PAYERS MONEY should be Jailed for life and property taken away. Any other government should be charged CRIMINALLY.

    32. How much did BBC dish out for this story? As African countries are so corrupted by the BBC standards?

    33. blockchain!!!!!!!!!!

    34. Where is the documentary of the missing minerals stolen by congo's colonialist???

    35. Africa have been suffering and exploited,way far before the the 21st century its high time to wake up and unite for the greater good of the continent. May God bless Africa.

    36. Not millions but missing billions

    37. Sometimes excess money and power make people old too quickly.

    38. Imagine how much france Belgium have taken and how they have put this nation and kept them in debt

    39. What bout the namibian part

    40. Ba ledar nioso ya Afrique ba zali bayibi mobimba, na motema mabe mingi lokola motema ya bandoki.

    41. It all started with Mobutu that's how learned looting from

    42. Since Africans have dictatorial syndrome, the world should put 5yr term limitations on all the 54 countries in the continent and put a judicial court system’s independent from any political parties !!

    43. This evil leader’s and sellouts,dangerous

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