Coronavirus lockdown challenges for Africa explained – BBC Africa

Coronavirus infections in Africa are rising fast and the number of deaths is increasing daily.

But African governments are fighting back by enforcing various preventative measures, including lockdowns.

But how are they being implemented and how will they affect African economies in the long run?

Georgie Ndirangu from BBC Africa’s Money Daily explains.

Video produced by Anthony Irungu and Marko Zoric.

Illustrations by Millicent Wachira and George Wafula.


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    2. Я тут один руский

    3. Seems to me Implamenting lockdowns Africa Are caused Many Circumstances because African Countries consist two parts Such as developed country and non developed countries are non developed met low economic such supply chain , No travel by Transportation , Airport
      No export and import that is why African happened low Economic .

    4. Africa has a very young population..Malaria and AIDS are still the main problem…covid 19 won't affect many people.

    5. T.B Joshua will fix that he is prophet

    6. What is the purpose of locking down people who live in promiscuity? Contain the virus or spread it?

    7. People around the world are needed to work together to survive the Pandemic

    8. Excellent reporting Ndirangu, keep it up!! not because I'm a fellow Kenyan but because your coverage is objective and unbiased, I finally realize the significance of African news being covered by Africans. THANK YOU

    9. Where are your statistics ftom you are trying to alarm people

    10. These people need spacesuits.

    11. We are doing well infections is minimizing

    12. Americans and the west are who brought racism to the world. The racist white privilege don't want China in Africa. I knew that they would divide and conquer. Wake up Africa.

    13. Accent is like Indians

    14. Time to exterminate this continent.

    15. This Is Good ! thé Péninsula Économie Reboot Will Need Comprise Of Unrailing Thé Old Railroad Routes In Républic Of South Africa, Mozambique, Nambia, And Botswana For More Ideal Future Investment From Thé SADC state To Thé SAHEL state By Creating A Four Rail-route systèm From Mauritania Coast-line To Sudan Coast-line ! A Global And Péninsula Model Of A Two Hundred Year 68% Péninsula & Areefica Citizens Employment Stabilité Rate ! Without Thé Rail-route systèm Their Is No Potinentel Way To Have Standard Systèm Of Mechism For Machinery Technique Or Aqua Lots Of Aqua !

    16. What is hilarious to me is the countries who are saying they are under a partial lockdown. What the hell is a partial lockdown? That is like being a little pregnant

    17. Hold Chinese communist terrorist regime accountable

    18. This is a created virus, tailored and resigned to kill the elderly, the sick and prisoners who are closely contained like sardines. Vicious crap!

    19. Try to be analyst exclusively in Africa rather than roaring in west South Africa ok ? Be try to be African journalist rather than to be regional African journalist brother just I am from Ethiopia the flag of independent of Africa and the Middle East in which Ethiopia neve colonized while Africans was and the whole Middle East also was suffered being under their colonizers that is the real history what was happened

    20. 0:35 "fast spreading across the continent." Compared to where? Isn't it Europe and Amerikkka where people are dropping like flies.

    21. @George Ndirangu please promote Africa dnt be like your master..That pic of Zimbabwe you put on 0:43 is horrendous. There are beautiful places in Zimbabwe

    22. I’m proud of Gambia and Senegal for closing borders, flights and testing, tracing, quarantine then treatment and acting fast before it got way out if control. We live in multi family compounds with many people in one room so distancing in that respect isn’t possible. And beware fake tests and masks from China who are the biggest racists discriminating against Africans in China making them sleep on the cold wet streets. While Africa leaders sell out to China for $$$? And there IS NO VACCINATION. So none of us are going to get it. Anywhere in the world and that’s what makes this dangerous. Scientists say maybe in 12 to 18 months they’ll have a vaccine. Please keep your distance at markets etc, practice very good hygiene and stay home as much as people. Before we have big humanitarian disaster. 🙏🙌🏽🌍

    23. It's impossible to truly lockdown in Africa, we don't have the infrastructure or the means to control it

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