COVID 19 不不 || Nepa Boys || KieKie

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  • Title: COVID 19 不不 || Nepa Boys || KieKie
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  • Upload Date: 2021-08-18 12:14:59
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    2. Wooow am always proud of you guys comedy, infact it makes me forget all my pains,love you more歹

    3. 不不不不不不不不不

    4. Ooioh kie kie. I love you

    5. This is so funny God

    6. Came here from kiekie

    7. This is so funny

    8. The moment they said that Kiekie's dress is like a balloon, the wind showed it's concurrence

    9. I don't want to know, maybe is comedy or talk as long as KieKie is there na watching mode I dey always dey

    10. The best so far不不不不

    11. Don't kill yourself. You will overcome that trail. God is with you and He is forever faithful.

    12. Nepa boys una dey crazy

    13. I love you kiekie

    14. Nooo 不 aso e da bi bloom bloom

    15. Kiekie your doing well
      I will never be ashamed to remove my wig in public

    16. #bomodeoku

    17. Hahaha 不不不

    18. Pls stop speaking Yoruba in ur videos

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