Desert Empires – History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 10]

In this episode Zeinab Badawi visits rarely seen historic sites and magnificent ruins in Mali and Mauritania in west Africa. We hear from Africans about how trans-Saharan trade, mainly in gold, meant that by about the 7th century rich kingdoms became established in West Africa. These eventually gave rise to three of the greatest empires on the continent, including the Mali Empire which began in the 13th century. Under armed guard, Zeinab visits the fabled city of Timbuktu, which was overrun by extremists in 2012. Mali’s ruler Mansa Musa was reputedly the wealthiest individual to have ever lived. She brings a rich narrative of a period in Africa’s history when it was a significant player in the world economy, and influenced global thinking through great centres of learning.


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    1. Thanks for bringing out the truth, about Africa history ..

    2. Sundiata Keita 💪🏾

    3. Zenieb, So pleased and proud about your work. You consitently go deep into African history and bring it full circle. Thank you for this series.

    4. its show time. use the unrest to spur the final battle. it is them trust they front the opperation. muslims hurt? its on for ever

    5. If this is a rich country why are all these blacks poor and in poverty? The animals live better than the people🤣🤣🤣

    6. Zeinab Badawi is an amazing woman, and excelent professional! She's so smart, his voice is beautiful! I'm studying English using his videos, and I love her! Thank you very much!

    7. المشكلة

    8. One thing I’ve noticed from the first episode up until this present one is empires & kingdoms with so much wealth, indigenous culture and trade power as seen in Oudane, in today’s world have little or nothing economically. Religion and colonization really were the enemy.

    9. Hey my orange diamond thanks for getting that value worth to me that was tight 10 to 70 million dollars is accurate

    10. World class reporting…I love it!

    11. You know it's harder than it sounds to find a proper mansa musa documentary. I would love to see an hour long documentary about how he destabilized the Egyptian economy with his gifting of gold on the way to his pilgrimage to Mecca.

    12. What great work Zeinab Badawi and her crew of Directors, sound, writers, have done for us! Thank you!

    13. The Sonike assocation head 3:50
      Simkarka Seeka 4:35
      Museum Director 6:19
      Al-Bakri, 11th centaury arab geographer 9:47
      Museum Director, second interview 10:55
      Mariam Lepy Ad, Ouadane shop owner 11:34
      Dr. Abdelwaboud Abdallah 14:16
      The Burburs 15:40
      Seif L'islam director of documents 20:01
      Professor Kanote, general history of africa 23:42
      Salem Ould El Hadj, culture and heritage expert 26:43
      Mansa Musa Map 28:15
      Salem Ould El Hadj, culture and heritage expert, second interview 29:11
      Professor Kanote, general history of africa, second interview 29:50
      Ahmad Baba quote 31:47
      Griot, Kora musuicon, Toumani Diabate 34:42
      Alassane Konte, artist 36:10
      Professor Kanote, general history of africa, third interview 38:13
      Fatimata Maiga, former ruling dynasty member 38:49
      Marium Doumbia, musician 43:09
      Amadou Bagayoko, musician 43:30

    14. This is an excellent series. "Thank You" — from Canada.

    15. The colonisation broke th relation between north Africa and the sahel.that stop the natural progress of Africa.

    16. Thanks for the doc from an Algerian American 🇩🇿

    17. The editing is trash

    18. The song made me cry, I don't know why. Thanks for this

    19. Mali empire

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