Show me a tailor that has enough data to watch 30 DIY videos at once, Ill wait 仄儭 . With Airtel, I now get more data for the same price to make my customers happy, biko patronize me, I make all types of outfit

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  • Title: E-SULI PROPER 不不不
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  • Upload Date: 2022-03-05 10:24:00
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    1. 不不不不不不不不不不不不Tao ooooooo
      God ehhhhhh.. This babe always crack my ribs不不不不不不

    2. The fact that she still sew rubbish upon all the data made this funnier

    3. I just had to type this after screaming out loud…. Tao is crazzzzzzyyyyy不不

    4. Everywhere I saw this ad…i didn't skip it

    5. I saw this Airtel ad and because of Tao I took the time to watchThis is quality content伐
      . . .But the audacity of this tailor

    6. This is the one they call Garment不不不

    7. really lucrative

    8. She even added train to the dress不不

    9. So expensive

    10. Ah! the soundtrack when Tao came out … kpekele kpekele

    11. Na only God fit save me from Tao matter

    12. Taoo I like the style of your dress 賅

    13. Why I'm not surprised
      I was expecting it.. It will come out when she wear high heel

    14. When she wear the high heels it will come well.

    15. which song was played on the background?

    16. I honestly did not recognise tao when she came out in that dress

    17. Creatif lawa 不

    18. The comedian of the year

    19. Opoor fun taooma… We go still shoot together one day

    20. Thiss mad 歹歹歹

    21. This na emu lewu o

    22. She should wear heels , it will come out n'tooto

    23. Lai se omo egbe akorin

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