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    1. Haha Haha Haha Haha
      …omo nah mental case…
      Yes ohhh…I enjoy it and subscribe long time. BM不不不不不不

    2. Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha…love the music in the background…

    3. These things at times happen. Lol

    4. Freely u receive, FREELY give". But no! Holy Jehovah, …..and u take money for the service. One day Jehovah will answer by fire

    5. Holy,Holy Holy is The God he was calling. The use of God's Holy Name in his song works WONDERS even today.
      He came in contact with an eviI spirit, and PRESUMPTIVELY assumed the boy's prior state. Why did you beg? This is what is done and God REBUKES IT. "Freely u receive, FREELY give". But no! Holy Jehovah, …..and u take money for the service. One day Jehovah will answer by fire .

    6. BM…………… I will forever love you…. You too much… Kilode 不不不不

    7. Haaa! Baba don Japa!

    8. "Your boy has skirsks" what the heck is that不不

    9. That laugh from the kid ai不不

    10. Thank you emi. Holy attire ko, holy desire ni. BM your creativity is on transfer.

    11. five green kangaroo for spiritual direction

    12. Will BM ever enjoy money he gets不不不不all the time something always comes up 不不不

    13. The ending parts though …omo na mental craze. Someone should please take BM to Yaba oooo

    14. I love you o Jare

    15. Holy Jehovah,
      Holy Messiah,
      Holy Isaiah

    16. This ur skit made me subscribe without knowing you are just on another level keep it up and dont end the long term relationship btw u and arsenal

    17. Omg what did I just watch yepa lmaooo so funny I had to watch it again 不 hehehheheheheheh

      Cocaine is a hell of a drug

    18. I didn't see this coming不不不

      And to think I was genuinely happy for him…

    19. This is a NO! NO! Thumbs down for me! You don't joke with the NAMES OF GOD! Heaven regards it as being blasphemous!

    20. Na bro bouche go collect the madness next

    21. ….na here u fail am.how can u suddenly change into a pastor' rob now now now.its not possible. always do comedy det still reflect normal life situation

    22. I laughed my heart out, i didn't see that ending coming.. 不不不不

    23. I didn't see this coming oooooo mclively

    24. Who else thought he was going to run immediately after the transfer

    25. 不不不不不 bravo

    26. lolzzzzzzzzzzz maaad!

    27. Why
      BM 不不不不不不

    28. Na the "spirit" wey en dey mention upandan vex punish am

    29. Holy Jehovah! Holy Isaiah!! Holy Messiah!!! Bring your boy out (5)!!!!

    30. 不不不不不,this guy no well at all

    31. The Benz no bad shaa

    32. wired transfer

    33. https://youtu.be/2W5G6QtOCHE

    34. This guy is crazy

    35. Can i have your account details and ATM password because two disaster must not kill you.

    36. The madness is the bank charges for doing transfer.

    37. See wetin greed has caused. He has enough money to treat himself

    38. May we never carry another person's problem on our head o,Amen

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