Ethiopia’s secretive armed group – BBC Africa

Conflict between the federal government and rebel TPLF forces in Ethiopia threatens the very fabric of the state, with hundreds of thousands of people on the brink of starvation.

But while the focus has been on the conflict in Tigray, right across Ethiopia different groups are involved in their own struggles. Foremost amongst them are the Oromo – Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group. Two months ago, the Oromo Liberation Army announced a formal alliance with Tigrayan rebels in the north, against the government in Addis Ababa.

On Monday, OLA commander Jaal Marroo told the BBC the group had taken several towns in western, central, and southern Oromia, facing little resistance from government forces who were retreating. Government spokespeople have not responded to the BBC’s request for comment.

In this exclusive report, the BBC’s Africa correspondent Catherine Byaruhanga is the first international journalist to be given access to this secretive armed group.


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    1. WBO ❤️💚❤️

    2. shit…..this group is doing a very bad thing to ethiopian people.please may somebody or something clean them out from our nation.what ethiopia need at this time is hard workers not stupide motherfuckers who are dum and dirty minded persons start another war that has no porpose.this group do not fight for freedom they just want to be the next dictators ….

    3. Look at this tigryan propaganda, TPLF has been annihilated, encircled who? Show me a map. Abiy Ahmed is a hero, I stand with a United federal republic of Ethiopia

    4. Why do you want to make Ethiopia a zone of conflict???
      Ethiopia have good government
      Anyone who does not believe in this can go to Ethiopia and check it out.
      No more fake news 🙀 BBC
      The OLF and the TPLF are a terrorist group
      No more. No more No more

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    7. ❌❌❌❌❌❌

    8. Those are the real men of Ethiopia 🇪🇹 staying and fighting for freedom…….all the coward men of Ethiopia ran to America and other nations to hide.

    9. this are rootless killers who rap childeren and old women and kill old men they are not real soldiers they are pure evil and bbc is a shameless in its fake news !!!! better than ccn in some cases. stop the cap y'all ETHIOPIA WILL PREVAIL

    10. BBC we Ethiopians know as you support Terrorists

    11. Ethiopia must dismantle like former Yugoslavia to maintain peace in the horn of Africa.

    12. Tigray defend his life

    13. FREE OROMIA. biyaa abaa tiyaa

    14. Well they aren't a secret if they're on the BBC WORLD news😂😂😂😂🤔🧐

    15. The UN must complete its investigation on all human rights abuse in Tigray and other regions and report its findings as mandated by the security council. There is an ongoing genocide inside Tigray and the international community is enabling genocide by providing drones to criminals. Far less damage was done on Bosnia before genocide was declared. It is time for UN to acknowledge African lives matter as much as European lives.

    16. We are not talking more on YouTube comment you will see our liberate Oromia . we busy now with struggle with killer Ethiopia . don't comment your false narration . why you talk OROMO as Ethiopia we have country called Oromia under Ethiopia empire that why we fight with our enemy .

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    18. Very good nays orommiyyaa

    19. Good oromo lipiroshin forom

    20. You are very layar. Ethiopian is correct fainle you and G7 down on hell end BBc is olso terrorist

    21. The almighty God is with us … You pagan westerns do not think our beloved country Ethiopia will be ended by such a terrorist ethnic killer groups sponsored by BBC,CNN … American government …

    22. Thomas Assefa joins the Full Circle Podcast to discuss the Conflict in Ethiopia and the U.S. Government's Role and Interest in the Conflict.#Ethiopia #Biden #sanctions

    23. Thomas Assefa joins the Full Circle Podcast to discuss the Conflict in Ethiopia and the U.S. Government's Role and Interest in the Conflict.#Ethiopia #Biden #sanctions

    24. TRUTH WINNER!!!!!!!!

    25. Victory to the Oromo people!

    26. Don't show this Again I am warning you foreigners stay away from this people. They will kill you .

    27. They kill each other and they are drug addicted. Tigreyan rebels too. Very dangerous 😳 people if they see any human or Animals they will kill they don't care. Even oromo leaders killed by this ONG. SO PLEASE HELP US .

    28. This is not fighters this is a butcher's they cut your necks 😳 your stomachs with knifes 🔪 they are very cruel. Everybody scared 😨 in ethiopia this Arrogant people. They live in oromo region. Please don't talk about them. In ethiopia this evils 😈 killed 100,thousands innocent people. In OROMO, Amhara benshangule, gambela.. everywhere. So please get rid of this people. We don't want them. Thank you.

    29. This groups are going after vulnerable children and women, to make their case against status quo , they had been in jungle since early 70’s , now they get so much help from Tigray force probably Egypt , but they can kill but not have grand philosophical convictions

    30. False False False

    31. BBC is thedoctr ofe folsi

    32. Thanks to you CNN and BBC who reinforce these rebel groups through media and financial help from American government!! Yes it’s deadly fight between the west and Africa! But the time has come and God has said No more! God had said Let my people go!!

    33. fake new fabricators, in the near future you loss audiences

    34. OLA is an armed wing of oromo elite still living on inferiority complexity fleeing on Ethiopia and amid to kill innocent non oromo ethnic people living on the region.

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