Give and take | Pastor Remote | 不不不

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  • Title: Give and take | Pastor Remote | 不不不
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  • Upload Date: 2022-04-13 08:23:57
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    1. Kai…the joy from his face when the man first answered in the affirmative ehn was short-lived by Pastor, please speak in English

    2. Ko clear sha

    3. Nigeria is really primitive and poor backward in every thing in human life Nigeria is the only country where Christians and churches are use to make money in the name of God Jesus christ yet there is no tomorrow or hope for

    4. Boolu ti be.

    5. Flush ogo ke! Mo tun ti gbo new thing. Let me go and rush get my nutri milk oooo

    6. This guy is too goodabi oju eleyi fe bojeni

    7. I never watch am but I don Dey laugh 不歹

    8. I never watch am but I don Dey laugh 不歹

    9. Remote is something elses不弘予弘

    10. Battle all the conquer 不不不不不不不不不不不不

    11. My question is that how he take comot fire extinguisher 不不

    12. You will battle all the conquer

    13. Good comedian exposing fake prophets especially the boldness of the victims to question his knowledge of the word of God

    14. Remote should be seems he is a mechanic because he is quick at removing vehicles part..

    15. Abeg which time remote remove extinguisher

    16. I love you bro 歹歹

    17. The guy chocked when he saw his extinguisher with remote

    18. You will battle all your conquer

    19. The Ludo example got me

    20. It will battle all the conquer pastor remote wont kill me

    21. Ifi ede fo orun ni

    22. We need nutri yo in our shop o

    23. I just love your vibe I don't know why

    24. Crazy people everywhere 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不remote E gbadun sir

    25. 不不不不不不不不…the day you kill me with laugh, make sure you go see my family o 不不不不…that moment he asked him to speak English I just busted into laughter 不不不

    26. Remote wait o, why be say na you dey first swear that god will punish them? Bcos if god go punish anyone , e supposed be you!

    27. My chest is paining me with laughter

    28. You will battle we're you conqur

    29. Won flush ogo danu, inu soakaway naa ti ri

    30. Ash how 不

    31. Idiot pastor "battle the conquer " conquer the battle

    32. Dis guy is really good swears不

    33. You at 100k bro

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