Hilarious video 不 Pastor Remote selling plantain 不不不

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You wont regret watching this..super hilarious 不

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  • Title: Hilarious video 不 Pastor Remote selling plantain 不不不
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  • Upload Date: 2021-10-11 19:55:36
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    1. me is dt correct English book

    2. This guy no go kill me o. . He is always battle ready with hilarious videos clips at all times. (God will punish you)予予

    3. Your facial expressions kills it every time.
      Nice one!

    4. Good bless you, Brother.

    5. You and these your correct English 不不不不

    6. Who else noticed when he said 'ti e ba je ogede yi e ma le koju oro' and they wrote subtitle not available 予

    7. I had Watched so many Nigerian Legendary Comedian, Acting both on the Stage and on a Short Video Skit. Nigeria had never Produced a Messiah King of Comedy Video Skit like Pastor Remote, this Young Man will One Day be the First of all Time Comedian in Africa who will Collect a Grammy or Oscars Award for his Tremendous, Talented and Genius Ambition.

    8. Bro translating this guys comedy is not as funny as understanding yoruba

    9. Remote deserve an accolade, on a serious note.

    10. He doesn't even think twice before knocking on car windows…immediately he sees ppl in a parked car, action don start immediately 不

    11. It is the sound for the on the run people for me..五 Tubi Tubi la Tubi Tubi lee.. As he was looking back I know sey baba go japa too.

    12. The message in the skit can be liken to someone who sells book on business management without any business s/he manages. Pastor sells Ogede Igboya (boldness antidote) and lack what he sells.

    13. God bless you remote baba

    14. I have watched this video over & over不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不…."廙g廕嘐d廕嘐 穫gboy" indeed 不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    15. I have friends who doesn't understand Yoruba, though they follow the vibes. Kindly help in translation.

    16. 不 不 不 不 不 不 不

    17. ahahhhahahahhahahahahh see tears in my eyes

    18. One banana don spend 9,314 years??? pastor remote! Na when bible tell us say dem born Adam & eve???
      No be god go punish u o…na ur landlord go punish u!

    19. Does he always actually do this with strangers? 不

    20. If you watch this skit more than once, gather here abeg we get meeting

    21. This guy will not kii me with laughter……kilode. That facial expression alone OPOR

    22. Y be say nah only inside car u dey preach pls do something else

    23. Its those people who keep lowering the window to allow him that is my concern!

    24. you dey crazy Bobo不不where you dey abeg

    25. Kudos to dis man of God, he has tried to make us laugh but beyond dis I hope Christians shld learn one thing or two from him. despite his fake messages, he remained passionate about it, he faced everyone, dt he was disgraced in one outing never stopped him from going for another. I pray he knows d truth so as to channel his energy well, he is a man of faith…if he truly know God…More grace,more anointing and more wisdom brother

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