How can a pastor be selling feather ( pastor Remote) this so hilarious 不

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  • Title: How can a pastor be selling feather ( pastor Remote) this so hilarious 不
  • Author: Iamremote Tv
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  • Upload Date: 2021-11-26 19:15:46
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    1. This guy must be crazy

    2. It's the "iya aje ban gbe biro mi" and the feather that fell from the angel Jacob fought with for me不不

    3. The car they use in chasing thieves in Saudi. Lol

    4. Extremely funny

    5. 不不不不不不不very funny

    6. His facial expressions and the way he put his head in people's car na war..不不不不不不不

    7. Remote, you no go kill me with laugh one day ohh

    8. This pastor remote is so unique.

    9. Remote, the way u dey say God will punish you , if god vex penren, u sure say nor be you he go punish for deceiving people in his name?

    10. Abeg small small me dey eat or

    11. This guy is so funny 屢

    12. Its the swearing for me.I can never be tired of this from here man

    13. This guy na cruise

    14. 不不

    15. Pastor is like am getting tired of you please don't kill me with laugh

    16. I love the word GOD WILL PUNISH YOU at the end of his dealings. 不不不不予歹

    17. I didn't see the POS coming

    18. 不不不不

    19. This mc remote no go kill me pastor wey get pos machine

    20. Oh my … Your facial is the most hilarious part

    21. This guy is something else

      So funny. I'm madly in love with your skits

    22. Ive been waiting for the God will punish you 不不不不不不

    23. Won se paga ni

    24. That moment he brought out the POS, couldn't take it in any longer… Bursted out into heavy laughter
      This guy ehn… So unique in his own way. I may skip other skits I come across on YT but not his.. 不

    25. How does he do that he starts sweating when he's about to enter trouble.. Funny guy不不不

    26. Remote dey hustle with feather…. Iye Angeli ko

    27. I no hear banza lemua iscoparaska today

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