How can Africa start producing its own vaccines? BBC Africa

Africa is still on the crest of a third wave of COVID-19, recording more cases than in any earlier peak.
But the continent has only received enough vaccines for 4% of its population, that’s partly because, for decades, Africa has relied on importing 99% of its vaccines.

So, what would it take to jumpstart local vaccine manufacturing?

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    1. Very educative thanks for this BBC. The bed sound of the video is great, any link for it plz?

    2. They rely on the rest of the world for everything

    3. Africa patent your Own vaccine Creation. Your own Receipes. Do not share your receipes to these west countries.

    4. What utter bullshit. No one in Africa wants this jab. We hope this vax doesn't come here. #no to death

    5. I knew Africa knew. They know exactly but gangs continnue, kids continue to die and be bullied. Or follow and worship money. By the teachings. Monet that does not have their best interest at heart at all times. Continue to spread all lies of racism lack knowledge, love gossip. Spread fears. Those refusing vaccines have been bombarded with every reason to fear. They fear because propaganda and statistics are information going to them. In the USA at first it was reported more black were dieing of covid. Then the vaccines now more reports I do not know the reports per race. The outcry about illnesses from Africa reached people that cared and did something to help. When Mr and Mrs Gates took vaccines to Africa. We do not hear about the results reactions etc.

    6. Africans leaders are selfish

    7. The west really is something else…first they convince African countries to "open up their borders" and "embrace free trade" so these African countries get dependent on them. And then when shit hits the fan and you can't get supply they look at you like you fucked up.

    8. Thanks we do not want that shite.

    9. These are not the only issues:
      1. Patents, yes, but basically, the lack of will from governments or business anywhere, to step away from the idea that this has to be a for-profit endeavour, rather than an effort to stop the proliferation of virus variants, and return to normalcy. Governments and business will still make themselves rich, even as we suffer continued lockdowns, crocodile tears notwithstanding.

      2. Even if the vaccines were mass-produced in Africa and South America, rather than imported below cost, they still have to be DELIVERED to settlements at the far end of dirt roads 1000 km long, or worse. That with cryogenic or at least, deep refrigeration. It could be done using military vehicles, but these are for GUARDING the centres of power against insurrection, and military parades, not doing charity.

      3. Governments in those dirt-poor countries, make all their money by exporting raw materials. They have exactly ZERO incentive to do ANYTHING for their populations. As long as illiterate people keep digging out copper, cobalt, or whatever it is that makes these honchos rich, they will not move their little finger to help them or anyone else. As our countries facilitate the trade and provide market for these materials, we are the enablers here.

      4. To repeat: The idea that heads of state of Third World countries, who use these countries as means of personal enrichment, will suddenly care so much as to facilitate our bringing a pandemic to an end, while giving them no tangible benefit, is simply preposterous. We would have to PAY THEM to even allow us to do a mass vaccination campaign in their backyard.

    10. It’s not a vaccine if you can still get covid.

    11. Africa can do good, in 1950's average African income was double of that of average asian

    12. In kenya
      Pple are being forced to take the vaccine……pple just don't want it

    13. This is a question for the African Union.

    14. learn from chinese. family planning and 2-3 children per couple may boost your living standard.

    15. What a profitable industry there have been created, nasty

    16. its funny because the vaccine was originaly going to be open source so anyone anywhere could produce it if they had the equipment , but bill and milinda gates foundation brought the rights to it and made it closed source so they could sell it for profit.

    17. Your enemy doesn't want you to live therefore there is no way in hell he will give you medicines for you to service………..

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