How many jobs in Africa have been lost due to coronavirus? – BBC Africa


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  • Title: How many jobs in Africa have been lost due to coronavirus? – BBC Africa
  • Author: BBC News Africa
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  • Upload Date: 2020-06-13 19:26:14
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    1. The BBC(UK) is so OBSESSED with AFRICA, but has nothing but DISDAIN For AFRICANS…You CAN'T have OUR LAND…in the END you will Work for US.

    2. It is the time African unity should go to international Court against to Covid19 home origion China to pay off all 100% Africans debts! Africans wake up try to feed your poor peoples! Egypt dictator Ali Cici and The Turkey s are messing East Africa by covering up there evil of axis agenda with Arab Lege by fooling Western nation! Think twice for wrong brain wash smile Africans!

    3. How many people have lost their jobs in the UK? I want to see a documentary on that

    4. Watching from Somalia, this pandemic has effected economic and other developments too

    5. Just prayers needed dearest friends ❀️

    6. How many jobs in Britain have been lost due to corona virus? BBC clean your house first

    7. Everywhere in the world many citizens aren't working. It's hard to get a job in Africa to start with, of course you can imagine how many lost jobs πŸ˜₯. It's hard.

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