How To Cook Ogbono Soup | Ogbono Soup Recipe


Assorted meats (Ponmo, Shaki, Bokoto, Beef, Goat meat and Offals, snail are ideal)

1 Cup Blended Ogbono

1/2 cup Palm Oil

Any of: Ugu/ Efinrin/ Spincach/ Uziza

Locust Beans

Ground Crayfish

Smoked Prawns

Smoked Catfish


Cayenne Pepper (Atagungun) OR Chopped Scotch bonnet Pepper

Stock cubes

Salt to taste


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    1. Tried it and it was awesome thank you

    2. Am i tired ir is this video so slow,

    3. West African food is so expensive emagine adding the stew that would have taken weeks in one bowl ๐Ÿฅฃ in East Africa that's west of food ๐Ÿ˜‚ we cook each separate and for a different day like fish alone meat and so on

    4. Can you use spinach

    5. That was some real humour there @people fighting you over your onion-ogbono recipe hahaha… well done. Of course people should cook and enjoy their food according to their preferences.

    6. Hey sisi jemima Iโ€™m a Sierra Leonean and Iโ€™ve been eating ogbono soup but never cooked it today I tried your recipe and it was absolutely delicious thank you so much keep doing you Iโ€™m learning a lot from you

    7. OMo I made this soup today n I was proud of my self thank u for sharing ๐ŸŒบ

    8. Am hungry right now

    9. One year later and this is still my favorite recipe

    10. Is just use this video to cook mineโ€ฆit is very delicious!

    11. Why was your ogbono so powdery? Mine was very thick after blending.

    12. I used this recipe to prepare ogbono soup for the first time and it turned out so well and very easy to cook.

    13. I love you cooking recipe,it has really helped improved my cooking

    14. it's great, I'm going to try it โœŠ

    15. So what happened if u donโ€™t know the name of those leafโ€™s you are using because am a Liberian but really love to watch ur videos n I want to try cooking mine so can u please help me identify the leafs

    16. I made ogbono soup this evening and it didn't "draw". Yes, that's what brought me here.

    17. Hey I tried this recipe but my own did not come out slimy like urs ๐Ÿ˜ญ maybe because I didnโ€™t add the beans ?

    18. Looking very appetizing, I love Nigerian food, how I wish you were my neighbor

    19. I was in till they added the snail

    20. Cooking my first ogbono soup right now

    21. Your commentary is hilarious!

    22. Thank you for this video.
      I made ogbono soup today for the first time. I must confess, my family loved it.

    23. I watched now and tried it immediately and I loved the outcome. Thank youโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

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