How To Cook Perfect Party Jollof Rice : Tips for Smoky Nigerian Party Jollof Rice

How To Cook Perfect Party Jollof Rice : Tips for Smoky Jollof Rice
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4 Cups Rice

2 Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)

1 Can of Plum Tomatoes/ 5 Medium Size Tomatoes

3 Chilli Peppers (Shombo)

2 Paprika Peppers

2 Scotch Bonnet (Ata Rodo)

1 cup Beef or Chicken Stock

120g Tomato Paste

2 Onions

150ml Cooking oil

4 Tbsp Butter

3cm Ginger Root

2 tbsp Curry powder and Thyme

Bouillon cubes

1.5 tbsp White pepper

3 Bay Leaves

1 Medium Size Tomato for Garnishing

1 Small Onion for Garnishing

Salt to Taste

I doubled this recipe in the

#perfectjollofrice #partyjollofrice #smokyjollofrice #nigerianjollofrice #sisijemimahjollofrice

Link to splatter guard:
Blender used in the video:

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    2. You are a really lovely generous lady. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    3. What can I use in place of scotch bonnet peppers as I can't find them here where I am

    4. I live in Georgia so I am trying to find the items that is closest to what you used. What type of beef did you use?

    5. What did u do with the meet soap

    6. Ahh pray for me, I’m not a good cook, but I’m going to attempt this recipe for my Nigerian partners birthday

    7. This is similarly to taheri rice with chicken or beef cook in Hyderabad India

    8. I’m African American and I truly appreciate these videos! We were robbed from our roots and this helps us a lot! ♥️ I ordered all the ingredients I need to start making more of these recipes!

    9. I tried this yesterday and it was the best jollof rice I have made in a long time….thank you so much ….

    10. Well done ma…
      Please can you list the recipes…!

    11. Can I use blue band as butter ??

    12. Omg I fit spend one day for kitchen ooo all this process is too hard for me to even master …. I will keep trying sha thank you ❤️

    13. I try two off your Jollof rice recipe And I must tell you I am very proud of myself it came out beautifully.

    14. Am from Zimbabwe and had never tasted jollof rice.. Tried this today, ooh my.. can't believe have been missing out for the past 30 years!!

    15. Hi Sisi, I'm new to your channel. I've just checked out your previous episodes, I love the Nigerian foods including the juices you've made looks yummy, yummy, yummy. I've never ate Nigerian foods in my life and I gots to have some. The jollof rice definitely is to die for. Awesome job my friend.

    16. Thank you so much sisi Jemimah, watching your channel has really improved my cooking, am so proud, thank you 🙏

    17. Thanks alots l 😘❤ every bit of the ideas xxxx

    18. What other ingredient can one use to taste apart from salt my fiancé doesn’t like salt at all

    19. When frying do I do medium heat or?

    20. I tried several recipes but this one is the best. The best rice I have ever tasted. I have made it twice now. Thank you so much❤

    21. This is so amazing and straightforward. Is the jollof rice cooked on low, medium or high heat to get that fried effect?

    22. Mouth watering. Can't wait to make this

    23. I tried this and it was the best. Thank you sooooooooooooo much. You are the best.

    24. I just tried this your style today and it’s the bomb💥💥💥. Now I can categorically say this is the best J-rice have made since forever!!! Thank you 😊

    25. Hello ma, I just made jollof rice with your recipe and I’m amazed…. My jollof has never tasted this good… Thank you sooo much

    26. I just made the best Jollof thanks to you. Been cooking it in my head forever, but this vid really helped. Cheers Ma'am.😊👍✌

    27. Sisi, please I tried it and it was very delicious 😋
      I learnt that I don't fry my tomato paste and that was the game changer. Please help me with okro stew 🍲, thank you 🙏🙏

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