I saw first hand two mad men in Lagos!!

Nigeria’s No. 1 Ranter, Lasisi Elenu.

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  • Title: I saw first hand two mad men in Lagos!!
  • Author: Lasisi Elenu
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  • Length: 00:03:11
  • Upload Date: 2021-11-18 10:15:37
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    1. Yyyyyuck, I feel disgusted and dissapointed. As a Nigerian American who grew up in the States, I gag when I see Nigerians try to act American hood. Responsible people dont talk like that. Depending where one is, all that, nikka, b*tch nikka, yelling and out of control behavior will get someone arrested or killed.

      Embracing and promoting the parts of Black culture that allow others to look down on Black people is ignorant and detrimental in my opinion.

      Meanwhile Black people are not over here running around with trad wear and Nigerian accents. African youth should recignize who they are, embrace our cultures and stop trying to be Asian or Western.

      Off to watch other Lasisi videos as he actually has talent. These 2 fellas, barking like junk yard dogs was not entertaining. And that Charles guy…ugh cringe

    2. Not 2 mad people but 3不不不

    3. Lasisi how were you able to make this happen , you got this two craze men together …nawa ooo不不不不

    4. We lit outside

    5. Speedy's accent

    6. the only 3 craze people wey we get for this obodo nigeria

    7. Wen I aline I aline

    8. Charles okocha? The California guy? Lol

    9. Elenu didn't say he's the third mad man there.
      Shey una dey mad ni?

    10. "Baba no dey pour spit" Lasisi don crace finish 不不不

    11. Speedy and Charles how?
      Its speedys accent for me, Igbo+America=amerigbo不不
      Speedy is good at acting. Im proud of my president不予予

    12. I lee and side!!

      Abeg wetin dem dey talk

    13. Na Charles Okocha worse pass 不 不 不 不 不

    14. Crazy men dem I lean outside abi wetin?


    16. Association of angry boys! Lol

    17. You for try to add your own madness join na. Una for die there 不. For once, Lasisi use peace settle quarrel.

    18. Speedy & Charles Okpocha need to be in a nollywood movie together & we trust it's gonna be a banga 不不不不不 "EFCC is looking for you" which one be "African Messiah movie" ????? We leannnn outside 不不不 settled because of "African Messiah"

    19. Me I leave outside

    20. Is that Igwe Tupac? 不不不不不

    21. Sinzu's character dan tey喫休

    22. This is comedy gold standard 不不不

    23. I love dis shiii

    24. Lollzz, mad oo.. This is crazy and so lit!!

    25. 不不Werey bawo

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