Inu Okunkun Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Jaiye Kuti | Doyin Aggrey | No Network |Apanukor

There is hell in paradise in the home of a newly wedded couple when the husband rebuffs his wife of his manly duties on their wedding night. A drastic step taken by the wife to make a balance birth a dangerous surprise.

Featuring Jaiye Kuti, Adedoyin Aggrey, Mama Nonetwork, Ayo Olaiya, Apanukor

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  • Title: Inu Okunkun Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Jaiye Kuti | Doyin Aggrey | No Network |Apanukor
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  • Upload Date: 2022-01-18 10:00:19
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    1. Interesting movie kudos to cast and crew

    2. Matchmaking isonu

    3. Matchmaking is not the problem, the problem is both of them..incompatible and they didn't give much attention to eachother to learn each.. this storyline for me doesn't really make sense.
      Matchmaking helps when a woman or a man is having difficulty to marry, No one says marriage is rosy..rosy.. Women must be matured enough to turn a stone of man around.. she should taken the first few months to learn him and ease in. Even those who weren't matched after marriage stories change cos then you begin to see the real person…Didnt enjoy it abit. I dnt know this didn't impress me. Thanks for uploading the movie.🙏🙏

    4. Very educative, kudos to Adedoyin Aggrey

    5. Very educative, kudos to Adedoyin Aggrey

    6. My woman ❤️❤️❤️❤️ freshfroshmakover love this

    7. But Sam didn't touch Kelvin, although he was trying to do self defence but Kelvin ko ni emi rara…hahaha.. Sam shouldn't have gone to his ex house, also he went odd hours like that, it suspicious, see where you found yourself…sad innit. Iya no network made me laughed out loud 🤣 😂 😆. Interesting movie tho. Well done guys

    8. Enjoy thank for up load

    9. Thanks for uploading 🥰

    10. Very interesting movie thanks for uploading I really enjoyed it good job happy weekend to you all

    11. The mother and daughter in this movie sound so much alike, I wonder if they are related.

    12. So interesting movie thanks for uploading

    13. Thanks for uploading this movie

    14. Some times this match making from parents is not good at times just bcs of their own selfish interest without considering their children happiness and for Sam he didn't killed Kelvin he just scared him and he slumb, and you hav to let ex bygone Sam and Kelvin ex girlfriend not supposed to come their ex's house that's what happen to Sam interesting movie thanks for uploading

    15. So interesting movie hmmm o maa wa ga o kudos to you guys thks u 4 uploading

    16. This movie is very interesting, but how can an ex come to a married man or married woman s, housena wa o

    17. Thanks for uploading. I hope that one day ours parents will give up with married they kids for friendship. More blessing for all actors and actresses who make this movie successful especially the owner of the story. Dodo eleniyan from Brazil

    18. I wonder why these Yoruba actors and actresses scream so much in their movies, screaming don’t make u a good actor 🤦🏾‍♂️

    19. This is a big nut for Sam to crush omg 🤔🤔🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️. See where he found himself. This is a big lesson. Let the issue of your Ex-friend be a foregone thing in your life. Still keeping dates with her means, ojú imale ẹ kò kúrò lọ́tí. Ọlọhun ma jẹ́ ka rìn arin fesesi ó àmín. Kudos to everyone and thanks for the upload Apatatv ❤️ 😘 👍

    20. Why would an Ex visit his Ex in her marital home?O wrong now.


    22. Y’all saying Sam kill kelvin how? he only scared him with a punch, that was self defense..

    23. Good, entertaining and educative movie. This is a success to the producer, Doyin Aggrey. Thanks for uploading the movie.

    24. Tanks for uploading

    25. Here watching 📺

    26. Great movie, so interesting

    27. am glad the police apprehended the culprit so it was Sam that killed kelvin, i thought it was the lady in blue talking to Kelvin in the kitchen that killed Kelvin, parents stop forcing your child/children to marry who they are nt interested in because it holds alot of danger in it. let them marry whoever they want .

    28. 😄😄

    29. Noooooo, I give it to Doyin Aggrey, she's a blessed Actor.

    30. I love this gate an acting, very serious

    31. The man that act dectetive olukoyi ,,,produce one film named are kankanfo pls we are waiting for the remaining part if d movie cos we love it so much ……..well inu okunkun is a nice movie tho so much lesson from it

    32. Thanks for uploading the movie ♥️❤️

    33. Here watching,let me sit and enjoy

    34. So the deceased's wife got arrested and detained without an autopsy to show the cause of death? This is 2022. Please up your game. Your viewers deserve better.

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