Is this the ‘second scramble for Africa’? – BBC Africa

Major world powers including the US, China and Russia are jostling for military, political and economic influence in Africa.

The continent’s mineral resources, agricultural land and strategic locations have made it a place where many nations are keen for influence.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has recently released the latest American strategy for Africa – but what does this all mean for the continent and its people?

Anne Soy has been finding out.

Produced and edited by Christian Parkinson.


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    1. Ridiculous propaganda. shame on you!

    2. None of the above mention do u think a African country could build any military base near their boader or land it's all explotason.

    3. China or USA, their interests come first. African solutions to African problems. Good policies, visionary leaders and working together as a continent is what we need





    8. Thank God everyone is showing news as it unfold. You are bent on remotely giving out fake news, from your own ways. Old news. With all your long year giving us news, yet you can't afford to show African current news. Shame.

    9. I wish black people from all over would just save Africa! It pisses me off that people can build their wealth of the backs of black people and in the same sentence say we are worth nothing

    10. You have Chineese people on here acting like my people calling me a white man because I speak the truth about China's behavior with their own people their neighbors countries, and how they treat Africans in their country.. I am not speaking on all Chinese people just their government.

      We inform Africans about China's ways because we know first hand about China's oppression and how they treat people and kill their own people so imagine what they would try to achieve in the motherland. How they treat other nationality. We not saying White America is super awesome, we just saying China ain't no better. How can we praise a country or take things from a country that find are dark skin to be dirty. When Africa gave the world soup. And how to clean.


    12. Africa should partner with india and stay away from us, china and Europe, all of these are exploiting powers

    13. The western media propaganda

    14. china to Africa countries each other get benefits policy now, china unlike western countries go to Africa for loot, kill, occupy the lands, sell and buy black slaves, however from past to present and westerners make to Africa peoples get to get poorer

    15. Irish American here, AFRICA please u must unite, u must make ur many different opposition’s weather it be religious or political factions understand u are being divided by outside interests, to destabilize your country’s to only to exploit ur natural resources

    16. about the African people.

    17. about the African people.

    18. about the African people.

    19. No one cares about the African people.

    20. I’m ashamed for the international communities supporting such a divisive And self-serving Terrorist TPLF The least to say.Welkait,Tsegede May cadera and Humera are in the Amhara’s region not in Tigray’s Territory as UN’s genocide Report… (The question is Who is invading who?who is genocide who)
      The TPLF’s agenda are first to Concur Ethiopia by collaborating with the enemy and split off Tigray from The motherland by annexing the fertile lands of the neighboring Amhara region of Welkait Tsegede and Humera. (which produce oil crops, the second biggest source of foreign currency in Ethiopia) it is their long plan to gain port access from the Afar region and Eritrea since Tigray region is landlocked and barren. In order to take these lands the TPLF are ethnic cleansing, committing genocide the indigenous Amhara’s people. They have been dehumanizing this ethnic group for over 40 years . They are miss leading the international body’s by Staging most of the evidences twisting the truth they appear as victim.
      Apparently Ethiopia has weakness of self-expression in the international media.

    21. yeh nice put your army in a foreign country to keep the locals scared, how sick can you be to think this is even a option let them live and prosper on their own

    22. Our leaders are to be blamed America should not act as Angeles we know how evil you are but this time we as Africa were watching even if it's planned undershade

    23. People on here acting like China is not known for wiping out people they don't like. I am not religious kiss my butt when it comes to religion, but China killing, raping and sterilizing chineese muslim people is never okay. I don't do religion, but I do love human society. Now this worries me because if they get power and defeat America, what is next. Africa might get wiped out, as a Black person this horrified me to think about.

    24. In October 2018 in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, a photographic exhibit drew complaints with images of African animals — baboons, cheetahs, gorillas — juxtaposed with close-up photos of African faces. The Hubei Provincial Museum closed the exhibit. Not because they care, but because they want to own Africa.

      And “Wolf Warrior 2,” a wildly popular Chinese movie last year, was given a drubbing by African critics for its portrayal of an anonymous African country as a helpless, war-torn place that needed to be saved by brave Chinese soldiers. That's just 2 years ago, that is still a huge movie in China today.

    25. In 2016, a television commercial for a Chinese laundry detergent, Qiaobi, featured an African man with paint splattered on his face and T-shirt. After being placed in a washing machine with the detergent, he emerged with pale skin. The commercial was pulled after complaints emerged on social media.

    26. This sounds like child bonding,
      Britian thought he would be proud but
      Britian was wrong about of Jolly young free capitalist
      son. He was only happy because he was remembered as the winner of the first event
      maybe not the 2nd, but we know where is heading.

    27. There are US and EU military bases all over Africa. American and European companies still own many of Africa's resources. Just the other day, the French military was in Niger (possibly Mali too?) shooting at people. A few months ago, the US backed a military coup in Guinea. You got the US working with the TPLF in Ethiopia to overthrow the government.

      Why does western media deflect to China and try to convince people that China is the biggest problem facing Africa right now when Europe still has control over the continent?

    28. Don't be deceived, these countries don't do anything without there is a purpose for themselves. This is not about benevolence but establishing a stake hold in the country. And, it is not to the benefit of the African people.

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