Islam in Africa – History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 9]

In this episode Zeinab Badawi travels to several countries and looks at the early spread of Islam in Africa and how many Africans practise to this day a mystic, Sufi form of the religion.

She shows how not only Islam but Arab culture came to influence a large part of the continent, particularly in the north.

And she charts the rise of the powerful Islamic dynasties of North Africa, that built magnificent monuments, mosques and empires, including a part of southern Europe and who helped determine the path of this part of the continent.


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    1. Me after watching the whole series, 'Bro what about the East' where people came to Islam on their own. Dear BBC, please don't make partial videos so, it wont lead to misconceptions.

    2. Dihya/Kahina was Killed by the Arabs because she fight them as invaders into her home which has nothing to do with Islam stop spreading lies and misinformation, she stand against the Arab invaders, not Islam her people had already started adopting Islam, and the king that ruled before her also accepted Islam and he negotiates peace with the Arabs but they refused they want to subjugate the region they were just hiding behind spreading Islam.

    3. Okba ibn NAAFI was an invader that's how the people of west north Africa saw him he took Tunisia from the Byzantines and he send the symbolic message that the Arab invaders used to send it after invading any nation and it was a threat if you didn't accept Islam and pay us jizya we will invade you he sends it to the Amazigh kings in Morocco and Algeria at that time they were still damaged after a brutal war against the Byzantines and they agree to learn the teaching of Islam and pay a tribute to the Arabs for peace but ukba didn't stick to his word and he starts the war by riding on Amazigh cities and killing and enslaving its people that's what makes the Amazigh kingdoms of morocco and Algeria unified against the Arab invaders under the command of king Aksel, he managed to kill Okba and winning against the Arab invasion and after some years the Arabs returns with larger armies Aksel was succeded by queen Dihya she fought the Arabs back and won many batles but they return again with a new commander and larger armies with new recruited soldiers from egypt syria and lybia they killed Dihya and invade the west of north Africa easily Because the forces of the Amazighs had failed and they couldnt stand up to that large army, after some decades of the umayyad arab rule the arabs were treating the locals so bad that's lead to The Great Amazigh Revolt by the Brghwati clan in Morocco droved them out in 739 and several independent states were formed like the famous Barghwata kingdom, that decreased the percentage of the arab influence in morocco that's why modern Moroccans and algerians have less arab origins and less influenced by the arabs compared to lybia and egypt.

    4. there is a lot of misinformation, for example, the horse riding traditions in north Africa came from the Berber's heritage and not Arabs in fact the majority of racial/cultural heritage in north Africa have indigenous Berber or Amazigh origins because there aren't that many similarities between the north African traditions and the Beduin traditions in Arabia.

    5. 🤲🏻💜💜💜🌌🌍💌💫

    6. Title of this episode should be “Arab Muslims” in Africa, as this was the main focus, and ignored rest of Africa such as Mali Empires, the Cushitic people of east Africa, etc.

    7. Both Christianity and musulm are slavery religion.

    8. Mishkat al-Masabih 119 book 1 hadith 112 it says that Allah struck Adam's right and left shoulder and brought forth his white and black children and He told whites to enter heaven and blacks to enter hell. Anyone can confirm this? Islam itself blacken people what a disgrace if your black muslim.

    9. Religion has done nothing but bring wars….People should be able to believe in whatever higher power they want….I believe in Yahua All praise To The Most High….

    10. Please Muslims take your Islam and get out of Africa we don’t need your bloody racist manifesto 😡

    11. Free will is choice between alternatives. The logical religious god’s paradox is that our decisions, and the religious god’s own decisions, are determined by the perfect religious god’s knowledge of the future, that eliminates all alternatives. We couldn’t prove the perfect religious god wrong deviating from the religious god’s perfect plan that invariably ends in death and suffering because religion goes hand in hand with death, revenge, sacrifice, slavery, control, intimidation, unhappines. I know I have free will therefore the religious god doesn’t exists. The trajectory of an object or the weather can be predicted because they don’t have free will and are determined by the natural laws.

      The contradiction should be enough to understand that religious people misunderstand the nature of God and all religions are made up by charlatans looking for attention. God knows all reality but doesn’t know the future because absolute perfection is absolute imperfection, death, deterministic change, like growing nails on a corpse. God is Free Will, Life, Psychology, Personality, History of all lives from the moment of the creation of the Miracle of Life and Death from Self from eternal Existence to become Alive to Live Forever, because life gives meaning to existence and there is not life without death.

      When the criteria for perfection is the dogmatic belief that the religious god is perfect umbiguity is confused with perfect clarity, contradiction with absolute truth, unintelligibility with perfect explanation, hatred with perfect love.

    12. And has islam spread, so did violence and terrorism.Who are the true islam?

    13. all Islam is a copy of Christianity. because of sin god punishes the earth. You worship foreign and dead Gods. Come to Jesus Christ, he will save you, he is the son of God. John 3:16

    14. I think people miss the the point of a educational program.. I use to liste to the BBC as a child and its about not judgement

    15. God bless jesus


    17. Sufism is best while wahabism is an extremist part of islam

    18. Arabs brought no Islam into Africa in the 7th century! Rhee way no Islam nor Muslim during that time. We must correct this!

    19. Need to outlaw that shit in Africa, but carry on

    20. Islam is so Catholic, their tactics, much of their beliefs, and symbols. Muhammad first wife was Catholic…sometimes I believe that they are an extension of Catholicism which is a possibility.
      Again, also this might be a mind game of the whites for it's continued supremacy.

      And the children of darkness were wiser than the children of light.

    21. Is there one for the Israelites in Africa?

    22. Dünya milletlerinin ing.den öğrenecekleri çok şeyler var.
      1.Türkçe alt yazılar olsa idi, daha güzel olurdu.
      2.Daha güzel bir kadın yok mu idi…???
      3. Görüntü, ses, manzaralar mükemmel.
      4. Tema, anlam bozuk… İslam demiş, amma İslam ile hiçbir alakası olmayan yerel malumat…
      5. İslam konusu işleniyorsa, bu konuda birazcık malumat olan bir kişi olsa daha iyi olurdu…

    23. the reporter forgot that there is A mosque in Somalia which has two QIBLAH, which proves that islam reached Somalia when the islamic qiblah was al aqsa

    24. Is extremely scary that Islam and Muslim religion is taking over the all continent sometimes by force as we all know the religion war is alive in Africa look at what is happening in Nigeria for example, if we look at African Map the all north Africa all way to central Africa is dominated by Muslims and black people and their heritage culture and traditions are going, fading, we are just few blacks left in the continent is all getting swept away.. scary and sad . Look at Sudan!! Now blacks only in South Sudan, scary…

    25. Islam is peace Man

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