Jumbo knotless braid / Family Dance off

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  • Title: Jumbo knotless braid / Family Dance off
  • Author: Maraji’s World
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  • Upload Date: 2020-05-13 10:41:12
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    1. I love your smile, brown skin and natural hair

    2. You're so pretty 😍

    3. 😂😂😂 she's so full of energy.

    4. Am I the only one that is coming back to the vlogs and day in the life of videos for more than 4 times.GLORIA please make more videos like this now. Please


    6. "I'm so distracted, I'm so pretty, I'm sorry" 🤣🤣🤣 I love this girl so much, she is mad, she is perfecttt

    7. Did Maraji just use a notebook as a mirror?? 😲😲😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Can I join your family. Please. Abeg

    9. Maraji, abeg I take Baba God beg you, which hair products you dey use? How many times do you wash your hair in a week. How long do you keep your braids?

    10. Enjoyed this ❤

    11. Your sister though! Great moves!

    12. Hi please can I do this on a low Afro hair?

    13. Omo this her sis try ooo

    14. Awwww paloma my childhood

    15. I'm distracted by the wrestling match on your TV. 😂 love your contents though. ❤

    16. The princess can dance o

    17. The hair is fine o

    18. Wow u really have nice hair
      What cream do u use for it

    19. okkkkkkkkkkkk

    20. You did a great job!

    21. What's the title and artist of the 1st song. The Stay with me…..

    22. https://t.co/xiwchHDVIZ 🔥🔥🔥 GO CHECK it Out NoW👆👆👆 🕸🕸🕸🥶🌏🥶

    23. everyone: listening their gossips
      me: ohh yeah what's going on in the TV

    24. Eyya happy family 👪 I wish my mum is still alive😭😭😭

    25. Were are ur triplet sisters 😂😂😂😂

    26. Can somebody tell me the song in which both the ladies were dancing

    27. Hurt people hurt people because they met the wrong people and the wrong people are bad people that may have once been good people…..in this podcast I explained the cycle of toxicity and how to crop it. https://anchor.fm/kingwordss/episodes/Hurt-people-hurt-people-ekqgut

    28. You're so cool. thanks for making us happy all around the world

    29. the song was actually " la mujer de lorenzo" not " paloma" …. So girl i deserve this money haahhahahhahahah

    30. Wow… You don't look in a mirror 😳

    31. I thought I was the only one who watches zee world all the time

    32. Princess dancing is a whole viibee

    33. That moment she said 'oya go seat's I felt that…

    34. Ya goof !! You called mom out after she said sorry!

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