Lekki toll gate: ‘The massacre without blood or bodies’ BBC Africa

The biggest protests in a generation swept through Nigeria in 2020.
Thousands of young people protested against police brutality. But on 20 October, the Nigerian army opened fire on protesters at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos. Despite it being filmed by people there and even live streamed on Instagram, the army denies the shooting happened and says it was ‘fake news’.
The government called it ‘a massacre without blood or bodies’.
The BBC’s Yemisi Adegoke investigates what happened that night.
Filmed and edited by Joshua Akinyemi
Produced by Charlotte Pamment and Paul Harris
Graphics and animation by Catarina Bakker
Additional animation by Jilla Dastmalchi

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    1. So heartbreaking to know Africa getting worse

    2. It is obvious that the world is behind Nigeria and it's wickedness……….and yet Buhari still goes for international summit and other evil meetings…….why is this not a big case at the international court. Nobody is talking about our problems globally …. NOBODY!!! This is a wicked world.

    3. Who gave the order? People should use this as a slogan come 2023 election.

    4. Nigeria is an Animal Kingdom

    5. What about those massacred by the Nigeria Army in OBIGBO (OYIGBO), Rivers State – are they not humans ?

    6. "people died, people died. My relative was killed in Lekki Toll Gate, that is where they killed him"

      Classic repetition known with liars.

    7. Yes, my Lord lool
      Such a blatant lie with confidence.

    8. PremiumTimes wrote: At least 46 unarmed protesters were either shot dead, injured with bullets, or assaulted by security forces at the Lekki toll gate on October 20, 2020, the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and other matters has said.

    9. The panel is out with its report, and even the Govt is indicted. However, who's going to hunt the hunter? Certainly people were killed at Lekki, and the killings were premeditated, but those who would mete out punishment were fully involved in the act of savagery. They ordered the shooting. Buhari, Tinubu and Sanwo Olu were totally culpable.

    10. We now know why cause the Lagos judicial panel report said they took the BOdy away and went to the scene the next day to scrub the floor of blood stained. God will judge all those involved in this massacre of innocent Nigeria and those saying there was know killings.

    11. I like how it ended with the question "Who gave the other?"

    12. Now the panel has submitted their report. Those who claim the shootings never happened should hide their faces in shame.

      It shocks me when I see people who trust and defend this government.
      Even the army do not trust themselves; they changed their lekki massacre story three good times, yet some people still support them.

      I shake my head!

    13. I don’t know where to begin cursing out the government!!!

    14. That our childlren can be violently silenced for demanding the right to live is abymally sad; that we their parents cowardly sat still and allowed it to happen – what else is slavery if not this.

    15. God bless you brother My condolences with you and who died in horroble incident 🙏🏻❤⚘

    16. The Minister of Information is called "Lai" Mohammed how can he ever tell the truth

    17. Love to 🇳🇬 from 🇭🇹

    18. A legitimate protest to make a change, but criminals infiltrated and caused chaos

    19. U guys don't get it they don't consider it a murder because cows was not involved

    20. Condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. The same kind of tragedy will befall the person who gave the order.

    21. Nigeria is a rich country but with terribly greedy leaders. It’s a get rich quick frenzy type of politics. Politicians stealing incredibly huge sums of money and don’t give a fork

    22. Lost country, what a shame

    23. information minister is a complete liers .why when will Never have a human rights..one year no action..the person who gave the order should be brought to justice ⚖️⚖️ this and citizens of a country killed just like a rat .for real #bring justice for the people that lost there life in END SAS#Nigeria

    24. Justice ⚖️ should be done PLEASE . Nigerian government are lier's

    25. Our government don’t have shame. I really hope this government are brought to justice and accountable for their actions.

    26. Muhammadu Buhari and his Fulani cabal gave the order.

    27. I wish I was there I’ll be in hog heaven

    28. LIE Muhammed, We Hand You Over To God Sir. SHAME ON YOU ALL…

    29. Selfishness and Greed. Suffering and smiling. Nigeria is a good country with bad leaders. The masses are suffering. Shame on them all.

    30. 12 people lol thousand died.

    31. Nigeria should be the greatest country in Africa and one of the best in the world. Your leaders have really failed you and Africa in general.

    32. In the whole entire African Nigeria is most dangerous place to live they will kill you for no reason that is very very sad 😢

    33. Why am I crying uncontrollable? Who gave the order? why are we here? Why is there no justice?

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