Like for real !!! 不不

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  • Title: Like for real !!! 不不
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    1. I swear I can testify to this as a lastborn

    2. I am the youngest and I had always been forced to wash plies of dishes everyday

    3. Like seriously…taooma i don't like thiswe are not that lazy

    4. This last born no correct

    5. As the eldest, I can testify that this is 100000% accurate and they won't even dry it


    7. Well not all last born… mine is like am the first born bills everywhere

    8. I love you tao.

    9. Make una leave us oo

    10. Is that ear plugs

    11. I was practically errand boy in my own house

    12. Is not true we are hard working

    13. But our own last born strong and those chores pass me self

    14. can't stop watching

    15. No na It is after a plate for me

    16. Is that earpiece or drip

    17. Is it natural? Cos I don't get it

    18. 不不不不不不不不

    19. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    20. 不不不

    21. My own last born is different. Work has killed me. I'm only resting when I'm at work. But I get home the chores continues

    22. Thank God you are a last born urself otherwise this will not be taken from you.

      PS love from a lastborn

    23. Hum you pple should leave us why is no body talking about the beautiful part of last borns 歹歹 we are loved even with your negative comments you still love us

    24. Like seeeeeriously 不不不不不不不不不

    25. Tap our last born when we were still young, she will cry from morning till night that our parents will be back. Toyin Oyedare aya faniyan, see your life outside

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