‘Most men didn’t believe I was raped’ – BBC Africa

Novatus and Oyango are victims of sexual violence. They have not only had to come to terms with this violent act, but also learn how to live with the stigma.

In African countries, support groups for men are few and far between.

Onyango is trying to widen this network and has created a support structure for men of African descent in Kenya.

Produced by Ashley Lime.
Filmed and edited by Anne Okumu.
Executive producer: Marko Zoric


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  • Title: ‘Most men didn’t believe I was raped’ – BBC Africa
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    1. Rape is never OK from either party. Period.

    2. Rape is evil. Any person that doesn’t understand that is apart of the problem.

    3. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i can't control my tears this is to painful to hear, no one has the right to do that with a child or even a grown-up man , this people should be killed by the police they don't need to be part of the society, disgusting pigs.

    4. She psychologist said that it is not common. That is false.

    5. Please don't let the demons from others dispatch destruction in your life. May you God heal you completely!

    6. It's wonderful that you open up about this issue. May GOD give you guys the strength to help others. You are heros.❤

    7. The kind of world we live in where the victim is shamed for being abused…pathetic 😭

    8. Maybe if we were more honest about child rape for boys and girls we could protect them

    9. As far as we support gal child abuse,let's remember our boy child

    10. Brave men for speaking up. Enough with shaming rape victims into silence

    11. this is problem all over the world. I fear that boys and men are violated and they don't share their torment due to the narrow definition of what it is to be a man , and so the issue continues without any support without any support for the victims in a world that wont entertain this injustice as even a possibility. my hat goes off to these men who are courageous enough to expose their suffering in order to create awareness and give a platform to the unique trauma of male on male rape.

    12. Not all hero’s wear capes. Your bravery is unmatched. Thank you for paving a path towards healing.

    13. I believe one day we shall stop and the world would be good

    14. My heart goes out to these men. They are truly brave men to come out with their horrendous stories to help others. God bless them and my prayer is that they shine the light on this evil being done to these vulnerable young children. May the Lord give them strength. ❤🙏

    15. If I ruled the world anyone who rapes a child would be put to death.

    16. I am proud of the men who can share their horrific experience. Let it out so u can begin to heal. God Bless!

    17. I'm heartbroken that anyone, male or female, any age suffers rape. God Bless.

    18. I guess they wore revealing clothes

    19. I wanted to tell you that you guys are HEROS, so brave and so strong.God bless youand stay strong

    20. LORD 😭😭😭😭 💔

    21. Rape is a learned behavior from the Oppressors and the powers that be! Hope these men find true healing!


    23. I did study with onyango in highschool . A bright student he was

    24. May God find peace in these Kings heart. We need to protect our children more than ever.

    25. Wishing them the best honestly , what two strong men

    26. Wow. Speechless. Hope they're both getting the help for what's happened to them. 🥺😟

    27. Rape is Rape, no matter the gender or sexual orientation. We should be supporting these men and helping them heal. My prayers go out to them both🙏🏾❤️

    28. You are strong and brave.

    29. Absolutely heartbreaking…This happened to my 10 yr old son by a 19yr male old neighbor…Fast forward, he is doing well. He is married with a great wife and two children..Men, I encourage u to continue speaking out, that is the only way to tear down the wall of stigma. God loves u…

    30. I pray God strengthens you guys

    31. This is what triggers most men to end up engaging in drugs and heavy drinking. They are concealing the deep wounds they carry everyday. It's a shame

    32. My first instinct is to apologize…but I know I have done nothing wrong, but indeed there are indescribable feelings inside that want to hold, protect and comfort you, and although I am not the one who has hurt you…I am sorry that you or anyone would endure such treatment. How anyone could judge you for it is insane. Jah Bless and Jah Guidance, you are still his…and you like me, are very much so apart of the plan.

    33. I love that phrase at the end "Society might not be ready for our stories, but it's our stories that will make society ready". Amen brother 🙏

    34. It’s such a shame that various African cultures discourage the exposure and healing process required for male rape victim. Shaming someone or telling them that “they enjoyed it” actually enables the behavior of rape to continue. A rapist may feel like that the victim won’t dare say anything or may be simply dismissed, hence there is nothing stopping him/her from preying on the weak (children, mentally depressed). God help us!

    35. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    36. Thank you for coming out!

    37. Il hope the heal and they can help others Kids or m'en who are this situation .May God help them

    38. This is very sad but lm glad they were brave enough to speak up because most men choose not to say

    39. Why are human beings so cruel and brutal to one another???!

    40. Really good for men to speak up about abuse so that we can start working towards stopping this. I’m a little unclear if they were violated by women or men… both are awful and heinous acts, whose perpetrators should face criminal charges; it would be useful to provide this information so that the profile(s) of typical rapists/predators can start to be established and action can be taken to protect other vulnerable men/boys from these criminals…

    41. Any kind of rape is wrong..for anyone, child or adult..i get the feeling that the first guy was raped by a woman..i might be wrong, but in any case many people think it's impossible for a Man to be raped by a woman…because for penetration to take place the penis has to be erect..but that doesnt mean the victim has been pleasurably stimulated…its a natural reaction for a man to become erect from any kind of stimulation, manually or orally or by a woman forcing herself onto him…but it does happen. We all need to be more open minded and have understanding that Male rape victims have been abused and traumatized.

    42. Sorry to hear that. Everyone deserves to be believed. Hope your heart heals. Your strength to share will make it easier for others to do the same.

    43. Yes my brothers speak out🙌

    44. They fear coming out, co. Of how they see how female victims of the same are treated.

    45. I really don't still understand why ppl can't talk about rape this are not ancient times.. The victim is not the rapist.. They should be protected and defended not the other way round.. Some ppl are still backward in their thinking like their mindset is crazy old fashioned and less advanced.. Rape happens all the time and when it does we must frown our faces at it and get justice for powerless victims. How can we not belive a child was raped or an adult or a lady who has more of male Friends? By changing their stories..there is no equation there to solve.. It's common sense and it's understandable that the victim can be anybody and a rapist is a thief who robs ppl of their dignity for pleasure and false pride through their bodies due to their physical Vulnerability its an hideous crime and nowadays they are killing their victims to protect their identity so why not get rid of sentiments and act quickly on the matter instead of endless investigation by looking for ridiculous evidences while the rapists are getting away.. We must create avenue for ppl to talk if we are truly civilized and educated instead of shy away from common sense.

    46. I am so glad that they are not hold it inside and speaking out.

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