My Perfume Collection / Hot weather friendly

Perfume list

Christian Dior – pure poison

Jimmy choo- Jimmy choo edp

Chloe – nomade

Narcisso Rodriguez- Poudree edp

Elizabeth Arden – white tea

Calvin Klein – Eternity intense

Aquolina- pink sugar

Dolce and Gabbana- light blue eau intense

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    1. E get who you wan assassinate for outside?😅😂 Hilarious!!! I have Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo and I absolutely love it.

    2. You defs lost your mind cousin… hahaha

    3. hahaha! When hubby used to say it was cold and now he's like I hate winter…

    4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. You're so funny I love it! I also have the same reaction as you when I smell White Tea, i just love it so much it's beautiful! And your insight on Eternity Intense was very useful, I'm actually considering buying that one, so since we both love White Tea I think i'm also gonna like Eternity

    6. Love her energy!!!!!

    7. I like joy by dior and armani perfume but i forgot the name lol🙃✨.

    8. You give me zandya wibes..❤️

    9. I deal in perfume oils.. I must say you have great collection .. I recommend feve delicious by Christian Dior .🥰

    10. I deal in perfume oils.. I must say you have great collection .. I recommend feve delicious by Christina Dior .🥰

    11. You say put pef of 14k do bag Shay you forget say thief de

    12. More perfume video pls!

    13. Like your accent

    14. Which one would you buy between Eternity intense or White Tea?

    15. Christian dior dior… ridun didundidun… she like the way I rrrr😂😂

    16. I watch this with no perfume in the house, just shield spray.
      Thanks for explaining the smell and when to use it. I need this, now if the prizes can go down, I'll be happy
      But I'll get one only. Not so many.

    17. are we sure Maraji is not getting high on these perfumes?😭🤣

    18. Try provocative by Elizabeth Arden. 💃🏽

    19. 9:36 😂😂😂

    20. The way she's sniffing the perfume is scary lemme take one wiff and I will sneeze the house down

    21. Aunty you are really slowly losing your mind

    22. Awwwwwn, your aunt's make up though 😍

    23. Every video cracks me up!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    24. That Jimmy Choo perfume no dey go ooo
      The subtle scent still resides on my cloth, dare I say my entire wardrobe
      E dey lasttt

    25. You made my day! Glad you are better❤️😂❤👏 personality on point! Pink sugar I have Escada Magnetism is my all time fav.. I agree with the lemon scent I didn't enjoy it either ☺️

    26. Who is here to read comment

    27. Maraji: it's perfect for the heat and smells very nice
      me: checks google for the price
      still me: ahh the dior is 56k, when i buy scented cream for 500 naira

    28. You pulled off African, American, British, Indian accent perfectly!!!

    29. i make the same freaky sounds!! yiiiiiii…giiiiii!!!! sometimes i do it to annoy some of my friends

    30. Every African guy I came across here in the US, they wear DG which is my favorite cologne on men

    31. Its oldschool but Hannah Mori (green butterfly) is my favorite!

    32. Pretty girl 💕💕💕

    33. If you hadn't sung Dior dior, I would have been very disappointed 🤣

    34. I'm actually having menstrual pain….and your skit dissolves the pain

    35. Little oranges😂😂😂

    36. I use Jimmy Choo and it's really nice. It makes me smell sweet, mature and rich. I absolutely love it. I'd love to try Poison. I want to smell beautiful 😂😂

    37. when she was smelling pure poison it was like she was shitting

    38. Maraji…….I saw something it seems like a rat……

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