The News at this Hour!!

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  • Title: NEWS AT 10
  • Author: MC LIVELY
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  • Upload Date: 2021-11-22 09:06:13
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    1. eyyy不不不不不

    2. It's the way he tore that paper for me

    3. News at 10
      Released 10 days ago
      Coincidence I think not

    4. Can someone stop me from laughing please

    5. 不不不不不不不 BM, so your problem now is that Davido no post u. tell you thank you. sorry o, no vex

    6. BM!!!!! 不不不

    7. Keep this coming

    8. Hilarious.. 不不不不不

    9. Barrister Mike wan kill me oooooo the way he paused whilst reading the APC news ehn

    10. His response after reading APC News is Golden

    11. The last part choke me.BM available to every opportunity around.nearest orphanage kill him there

    12. BM APC what?..不

    13. 不不不不不不

    14. If u gee me this kind of news again

    15. Lively is a fuuu 不

    16. Thanks for the buhari's part… Well torn!!

    17. Like she has deal with akwafina aah Barrister Mike is too much.

    18. Chisom in the mud

    19. I love this series! Nice kne

    20. I like that APC news part, which APC is bringing development abi they brought hunger, tears and blood. Thank you ooo jare BM for tearing that useless news.

    21. He tear the apc own

    22. The girl is good; her mannerisms, gesticulations and acting

    23. The news about APC got me rolling on the floor不不不

    24. It's the paper tearing part for me

    25. We need more of this

    26. Orphanage home owners closing application for job seekers

    27. Amazing and beautiful my friend

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