I’m sure you can tell this is an impromptu recipe by the mix and match meats I used. The recipe was requested by a couple of Instagram followers. I literally, emptied my entire freezer to find the 1 chicken wing and 4 drumsticks. The poor wing didn’t even make it to the end…LOL

You may be wondering why I roasted my peppers. Well, typical Party Stews are cooked with firewood. To mimic the smokiness from using firewood, I roast my peppers instead. Please feel free to skip this step if you haven’t got an oven and parboil as normal.

The secret to tasty party stew is ONIONS, loads of ONIONS. I would advise to prepare the stew hours ahead of time, if possible, the night before. Fry the tomato paste in loads of onions especially if you’re using Derica as it’s super tangy. Also, chop in onions like I did, mix in thoroughly, simmer, then cover and leave till you’re ready. You can take out the onions if you or any family members can’t bear the sight of Onions.
You’ll notice that most “Olopos” and caterers prepare their stew or Jollof rice stew the night before. That’s because preparing the stew ahead of time gives the flavors and ingredients enough time to fully incorporate. I do that all the time with Jollof. Try it some time, thank me later.

Another is frying in excess oil. I laugh when people moan about “too much oil” in stew recipes. You simply cannot achieve tasty stew with little oil, totally impossible. Stew cooked with little or just enough oil is boiled, not fried. If the water content in the pepper mix exceeds the quantity of oil, you’re simply boiling, not frying. Properly fried stew will hold up for days without refrigeration. The longer and deeper stew is fried, the tastier. You can always skim off the excess oil in the end and use for other dishes.

If you fancy excess stew, please double the ingredients.


1kg Assorted Meats

3 Red Bell Peppers/Tatashe

6 Tomatoes

1.5 Onions

2 Scotch Bonnet (Atarodo)

100g Tomato Paste

1.5 cups Vegetable Oil

Bouillon cubes

Chicken/beef seasoning of your choice

1 Teaspoon Curry

1 teaspoon Thyme

4 Garlic cloves Minced

Salt to taste


2 small onions

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Green Bell Pepper

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