Nigeria’s Ordinary President – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Africa Eye explores how Nigeria’s ‘Ordinary President’ Ahmed Isah delivers populist justice.

Every day, human rights campaigner Ahmed Isah captivates Nigeria, administering his own brand of populist justice on his radio and TV show ‘Brekete Family’. The self-styled ‘Ordinary President’ is celebrated by millions of Nigerians for using his power to deliver justice to the poor and for holding senior politicians and police officials to account before the nation. Reporter Peter Nkanga followed Ahmed and his team over a number of weeks and discovered that, though the ‘Ordinary President’ has changed many lives for the better, his often controversial methods also raise serious questions.

Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s most complex and exciting continent. Nothing stays hidden forever.

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Credit List:

A ‘Well Read Films™’ Production
Reporter – Peter Nkanga
Produced, directed and filmed by Karim Shah
Executive Producer – Seamus Mirodan
Executive Producer, BBC Africa Eye – Tom Watson
Head of Production – Selina Kay
Production Coordinator – Mark Williams
Production Coordinator, BBC Africa Eye – Sarah Clarke
Additional Camera – Ajayi Taiwo Oluwole
Field Producer – Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar
Production Manager, BBC Africa Eye – Simon Frost
Film Editor – John Moratiel
Online Editor – Chris Stott
Dubbing Mixer – Jez Spencer
Colourist – Boyd Nagle
Digital Producer, BBC Africa Eye – Suzanne Vanhooymissen
Reversioning Producer, BBC Africa Eye – Anna Payton
Social Media Producer, BBC Africa Eye – Anusha Kumar
Impact Producer, BBC Africa Eye – Alice Muthengi
Archive – Human Rights Radio and TV
Translation Services – Senami Kojah and Amanda Kenechukwu
Editor, BBC Africa Eye – Marc Perkins


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    1. I see nothing wrong for him to slap the woman…she almost murdered a child

    2. Enemy of progress, have you ever help solve someone case or problem? You are saying all this because the child is not yours!!

    3. I pray the daughter of the BBC correspondence will also encounter same treatment then we will see how he will react as a journalist.

    4. Isah wanna be Nigeria's Trump…

    5. I would've done worst to that devil.

    6. The fool narrating this sounds pathetic….that man did what any right thinking person would do….did you not see her head.

    7. That talk show host crew, knew he was going to slap the taste out of that aunts mouth. Watch how the start stepping back, even though he was not showing aggression to the POS aunt.

    8. This man actually exposes more of the problem with nigeria than solve them. He is arrogant and lacks the proper decorum and empathy to be a human rights activist. Like most things Nigerian it's just about the show, the flash, the adoration, the money, the power. Granted a few things or people are helped. But it's only when the person accused is poor. When you're a millionaire you can still get away with any human rights abuse you want. The lady got a slap the senator got a pass.

    9. That lady deserved more than slaps, u could have used kicks and solid punches!What kind of wickedness be that!Good work mr Ordinary president

    10. PETER NKANGA, I am disappointed at you!! Where you expecting him to cheer her up for inflicting such degree of injury on the little girl? Why capitalize on his display of emotion? You looked down on the positive things and see him as a 'show man' for fighting for the common Nigerian? For such to come from a supposed Nigerian beats me. Is he under obligation to do all that he does? No! Yet he steaks his neck in the service of the down trodden and all you do is look for flaws to undermine him, may you receive that you seek. Let me tell you, you dont grow by dragging others down but on the contrary: I only got to know about Ahmed Isah when I read and watched your presentation and contratry to the hate message you intended passing, YOU MADE ME ENLIST AS ONE OF HIS FANS. You can go and report about Russia and Ukraine or even Boko Haram and Bandit crises. Leave Ahmed Isah to continue what he's doing, we love him the way he is. WHO ARE YOU and WHO IS YOUR FATHER sef?

    11. I am not anything in this would and I won't to b sir

    12. Good morning my ordinary amend please I no that you can do this for me sir I like Navy I love army and I won't to do it please help me sir may almighty Allah upon blessing you sir

    13. Just few weeks ago I commented on one of the videos posted on his channel how humiliating and rudely he was treating and talking to a victim on his live show a victim oooo a mother in front of her child that she brought to the show to be heard she was so intimidated that she was physically shaking and it's supposed to be a show where the common Man (victims) can be heard It was really sad on all levels the worst part is there are many other videos like that…. He's being too arrogant and power-crazed maybe he started with the People's best interest now it's turning into something else

    14. The second chapter of this video says it all why didn't he fight for the innocent abi are those ones not innocent too because now we are talking big big names and his arrogance is out of this world just like those big pastors feel too important too power their mission to important that's the same arrogance this man moves what's

    15. I support Brekete family 100% Ordinary president in our man . We love him

    16. evil BBC fake news

    17. This man looks like a disgusted professional scammer.poverty and wickedness is a cursed greed and lack of love is a problem in this world.He is a violence man himself .something needs to change with the people and justice system. Mother s start retrained your children they are the future of tomorrow.

    18. It always starts like this… Having someone as promising as him fighting for human rights but goes to that extent of administering justice… It leads right back to injustice… Even though his work is beautiful… Such actions tend to be a growing Cancer that'll eventually turn him into the very thing that he's fighting against…

    19. That was an African pimp slap. Lined up the backhand to set up the forehand. Text book stuff.

    20. Peter Mkanga may God forgive you and all that have planted you to rubbish the saviour of our time.
      But if you no repent…. God knows what is in my mind, I said nothing.

    21. In Nigeria police are all useless stupid people who only actually fight crime if bribed if you don’t pay them whatever happens to you they don’t care it’s very true

    22. As a mother myself the double slap wasn’t enough! Thank you so much Ordinary President.

    23. Why are they showing the dirty side of Abuja? That journalist is biased. He is maybe from a country that’s poorer than Nigeria 🇳🇬.

    24. As Obama said; “Africa don’t need a good leader but good organization” and this is very true because corruption is live and direct. And also agreed with Trump when he said “Africa is a shit hole” and here is the proof because you have to bribe for actions to be taken by the authorities very sad.

    25. did i just see nollywood actresss Hilda Dokuboh

    26. Honestly, I was so upset when I saw the clip but erm that woman deserved more than the slaps.

    27. The little girl that was burnt, my heart goes out to her. The little girl, her mother and grandmother look alike and are so beautiful. I’m glad they were able to get some Justice.

    28. I got annoyed when the journalist said that the pastor did wrong when slapping the lady ..that is not even an eye for an should be that..some people can be so evil and they would want to get away wit

    29. Am on tears watching this imagine having people around you thinking they are your people, this BBC shit ehhh God will surely do the same thing for you guys

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