Nimco Happy dances to Isii Nafta on her wedding πŸŽ‰ – BBC Africa

Nimco Happy, the Somali singer famous for her hit track Isii Nafta (I love you more than my life), got married this week in Mogadishu. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • Title: Nimco Happy dances to Isii Nafta on her wedding πŸŽ‰ – BBC Africa
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    1. Me from India. Love you

    2. Amazing voice move forward πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ

    3. Waa dhaqanka doorsoon. Bal ninka arooska timihiisa fiiriya.

    4. Congratulations to you πŸ₯°made me and my family happy during this pandemic! Love your Voice πŸ™blessings

    5. Masha Allah I love a song so much that I'm addicted I don't know why but my mommy hates it so whatever I love her so much that her voice touched my heart

    6. isn't it a construction of Authority against a positive young man ………… YES, then Garbage Disposal

    7. 2021 best international song FACT. Nimco made people dance with joy in 2021. Peoples champion

    8. WOW!!! What a beautiful voice, if she is really singing.

    9. Very beautiful wedding and beautiful bride lucky man. Wish you guys the best.

    10. Her skin looks awful. Whatever she is doing to it, whether it is skin bleaching/lightening and/or using makeup several shades too light for her, she needs to stop it. She looks ridiculous.

    11. It didn’t blow up like it should have!

    12. Congratulations to her πŸ’œ

    13. She needs to stop the skin bleaching

    14. Ψ§ΩˆΩ„ Ω…Ψ΄Ψ§Ω‡Ψ―Ψ©

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