Our Love Story 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Wunmi Toriola |Akeem Adeyemi |Bimpe Oyebade

A naive girl who is uncared for innocently had an encounter with Aithusa, a mystic demon where she finds true happiness and her wishes are fulfilled. Her fantasy grows beyond bounds until her journey is roughened by an event from the past and breaking free becomes a hard nut to crack.
Some love story is always and forever. Find out more.

This movie stars Wunmi Toriola, Akeem Adeyemi, Bimpe Oyebade, Ronke Odusanya, Eniola Afeez, Toyin Alausa.

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  • Title: Our Love Story 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Wunmi Toriola |Akeem Adeyemi |Bimpe Oyebade
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  • Upload Date: 2022-03-07 09:45:01
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    1. I must confess this movie is so interesting ❤️ spiritual husband do exist on a more serious note but that aside throughout the whole movie Eniola don't pray about this i believe there is nothing impossible, she can overcome that if only she truly wish to..

    2. I must comment. This movies is so interesting ND mind blowing. Anyway I never expected this ending. Moreover I was astonished when I found out Aithusa could change his form to a real human. Y couldn't he do dat at first to relieve this stress ND killing of Enitan friends. He could have change his form in d first place so that he ND Enitan could be together. M still confused to knw hw Aithusa could get into Enitan's dream.

    3. Kudos to Akeem Adeyemi and wunmi Toriola 👍

    4. This movie scared me of my heaven husband more pls I want to set free from this stupid heaven husband at the age of 32 still never married n I not even interested in getting married 😢 😔 😞 n my mum is not having joy in this. I just want to makes my mother happy by having my own child in her life time.

    5. Does this movie telling us there's no end for heaven husband.

    6. Which one be epe to be ni ijebu🙄🙄🙄 Nice movie 🥰

    7. Hmm interesting movie

    8. Hmmm na wa so dis so call oko orun is very powerful

    9. The movie is so touching …the best ending and the full caption was a big KUDOS

    10. I'm still yet to get the message if this movie. Are you saying if one realise hin get spiritual husband wife and husband.. He should deal with it by accepting fate??? You see… Anyone reading my comment…. You see….. Those spiritual husband or wife's are demons! They are evil spirit…no matter how cool their name sounds in different languages ! They are evil spirit and they are from the devil! You should not deal with it by living with it like that… You don't have to keep silent about it and accept fate! NO ! THAT IS NOT THE WILL OF GOD! YOU SEE… THE NAME OF JESUS IS SO POWERFUL THAT DEMON FLEES… AT THE MENTION OF THE NAME OF JESUS.. EVERY CHAIN MUST BE SET LOOSE… EVERY KNEE MUST BOW! DARKNESS CAN NEVER NEVER OVERCOME DARKNESS…. JESUS CAN SET YOU FREE! ONLY JESUS.. NO SACRIFICE NEEDED.. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND A KOBO… JUST BELIEVE IN JESUS AND CALL HIS NAME… FOR EVERYONE THAT CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVE. AMEN? AMEN! YOU CAN REACH ME ON INSTAGRAM IF YOU WANT US TO TALK @ Hephzibah Ola Grace. That is my username

    11. How do you enlighten people and still
      Encourage them To accept this demonic possession, I cannot relate. The movie even made me pray harder… those last two scenes did not pass across any message at all.

    12. Waooooo… This is fantastic movie

    13. This is so so interesting

    14. Wow, kudos to you guys i really lean and love this movie 🙏 thank you god bless you guys 💋💋 more knowledge

    15. A nice movie and they all did a great job 👏🏽. But is Enitan supposed to get back together with Aithusa? What about those who died for nothing?

    16. 🤣🤣😍🥰

    17. Lovely movie

    18. I'm just speechless ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Seriously Nollywood is really really improving 😘😘😘😘

    19. This storyline is awfully similar to the Netflix Hollywood movie Sylvia. Anyone else notice?🤔

    20. This movie add cruise to the lesson! Aunty Wunmi and bro Akeem in usual. Kudos to the great job done

    21. I love wunmi toriola so much ❤️❣️❣️….she is really talented👍

    22. Wow very interesting movie thanks for uploading ♥️

    23. Very very interesting one wunmi toriola I salute 😁❤️ kudos to all the cast❤️❤️

    24. ❤️❤️❤️

    25. Best actor and actress 👄❣❣❣

    26. Great educative interest educative movie and learn and don't fall in to wrong love blind

    27. Wunmi is a clown she's asking for camp in an herbalist house🤣🤣🤣🤣

    28. Interesting movie nawa oo I rejected this kind of husband in my life

    29. Best film ever, Wunmi you're the best

    30. This movie is superb 💋💃♥️…

    31. So you mean there is no solution to enitan’s issue
      Either we like it or not some1 somewhere might have similar issue… so you mean the person should accept his or her fate??????

    32. Interesting ❤️🔥

    33. Wow wow😍😊 this movie is very fantastic kudos to the cast

    34. Kudos to the crew👍
      I know spiritual husbands/wives exist.. Asides that, I don’t understand what message they are trying to pass… those going through such pains and sorrow, are they just to accept spiritual spouse and do nothing about it??🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Where is the place of Almighty God!!!!

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