Pastor Remote inviting people to his church 不不不| hilarious

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  • Title: Pastor Remote inviting people to his church 不不不| hilarious
  • Author: Iamremote Tv
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  • Upload Date: 2022-06-01 18:16:20
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    1. The way he looks into people's cars is what really amuses me

    2. Dis remote is really crazy 云 ajeh

    3. Haaaaa!!!! I don wee for body ooo e gbami!!!!

    4. Ash how不不不

    5. That moment when he starts to abuse people when they dont answer him

    6. This remote get bad mouth abeg

    7. You are executive bathroom

    8. 不不不 remote is not okay

    9. Can't stop laughing Remote pls go sleep 不不不

    10. Every evangelism must end with arguments and fight

    11. Looking forward to Remote and kiekie linkup

    12. "Who will help me carry it, where will i drop it, Hand is paining me" got me不不不不不不不不不不不

    13. You will laugh so hard no matter the situation, more Grace Pastor remote

    14. Vraiment cet monsieur me fait rire chaque fois. Merci et du courage. Depuis le 攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻荊攻

    15. Drop the rest of Mystery in the Jungle Please

    16. Sapa ti mu pastor remote o. Na biro he use design invitation.

    17. 不不不不不不mad nah

    18. Tani yo bami gbe不不不不不..Hilarious stuff

    19. Kai!不不不不不不不

    20. God punish you

    21. How can you start inviting people when you dont have a venue yet

    22. Haaaa Remote, oooo gba dun
      Ho my gush, I laughed like never before, gush This's hilarious
      Love, York City 歹

    23. Odaa bii suku agbado

    24. Where is jungle experience na

    25. Finally Remote has ntered market in comedy content.

    26. The tongues have been reviewed with a little elastic…

    27. I always wait for God will punish you 歹歹

    28. E sun seyin ooo

    29. Someone please tell me the song in his intros

    30. That is how he will be looking like a mumu and his mouth is very sharp不不不不不不不

    31. Love you my guy

    32. Remote is too hilarious

    33. Vraiment pas la peine

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