Pastor Remote meets Tobi Bakre of Big brother naija | 不不不不

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  • Title: Pastor Remote meets Tobi Bakre of Big brother naija | 不不不不
  • Author: Iamremote Tv
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  • Upload Date: 2022-03-17 20:02:44
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    1. This remains one of the funniest

    2. Ragabosco and piyikin….不不

    3. Guy…
      You're just crazy….
      Keep it up bro

    4. 不不不不不不my God dis guy will not kill me..

    5. 唐唐唐背m wheezing

    6. You cannot watch this skit once, aswear you must watch it over and over Tobi really finish work

    7. This is sending me 不 不 不 不

    8. Chai…..these guys nailed it

    9. Pastor remote come make heaven mah see u abeg u too funny ooo

    10. Omo REMOTE is the best

    11. Aswr this is too funny

    12. I came back 3months after just to elevate my spirit…

    13. 不 不 不 不 不 不

    14. My 5 funniest skit from this funny dude

    15. God punish you remote, so you think Tobi upon the yabis you said to him will give you the money and you want to collect it. They will continue to caste you.

    16. Tobi really bodied his character荊踢坎

    17. I have watched this over 5 times their acting is flawless 歹

    18. No way this is a skit. Damm too real!

    19. This guy is an idiot I swear,Tobi sef na fool.

      He said God has punished you. 不不不

    20. Whose person mouth dey smile

    21. E be like Tobi kon dey take am personal o不

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