Pastor Remote tried to win a soul..featuring Dr smile 不不

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  • Title: Pastor Remote tried to win a soul..featuring Dr smile 不不
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  • Upload Date: 2021-12-07 13:48:00
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    1. 不 no let misqu of scriptures tempt you Padto Remote. It's like comparing the grape vine Noah had to what they are having now. That wine was different. If you don't stand strong and know God for yourself, the people you want to will will turn you to their side. Everybody give your life to Christ. Woli eke. The people of this world are shrewd like Jesus said.

    2. Very nice, can't stop laughing

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    4. This year don dey gooo

      Don't you think you need prayers ?

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    5. Enipe…ewipee

    6. I don pee for body oooo…..remote! Abeg no kill person oo

    7. Please what title of the song list, I love those of songs u played .

    8. Pastor remote I swear you are going higher keep having the faith your time is around the corner

    9. God bless this young
      Man. I can't laugh anymore abeg

    10. Always legit

    11. 不不不不 Remote you have mental finish. You finally came to your senses and you are shouting blood of Jesus.

    12. Small stout mefa ti di big stout metaweyrey

    13. This pastor is a disappointment to fellow pastors

    14. This guy is good ..I swear

    15. Hahahahahahahahaha………….emu oti

    16. It has been long I laughed this hard

    17. Up Jesus ni Ile oti

    18. 不不弘弘弘

    19. How do these guys get these concepts. I choked watching this不

    20. When Dr smikes kept asking shebi ATM wa lowoyin i know he will later japa n cause gbese for woli legit

    21. …What's Ur background song title pls

    22. Remote, u b cruise

    23. 不不不不不不不I cant stop laughing mehn

    24. They tried for giving him a shirt sef

    25. , you forgot to say God will punish you

    26. Drink and enters trouble

    27. Oti oojo不不不

    28. rather reeeeeeaal bastard不不不不不不不不

    29. This guy with pastor Remote is a retail bastard 不不不不不不不不不

    30. 不不不不不不不不

    31. The girl wan laugh ooo

    32. Up Jesus down Satan got me laughing…

    33. Remote converted an alcoholic who reduce his consumption from three big stouts to six small stouts. What's the difference? You no go kill me!

    34. Whos the other guy omg 不不不不不

    35. Legit…..confirm…

    36. Eje jeshu不不不不不不

    37. Absolutely amazing.. Always delivers不不不…
      Up Jesus… Down Satan

    38. He don leave car evangelism come beer parlour 不

    39. I always gbadun you

    40. Best video ever, 2021 video

    41. Lol, this remote guy is jst something else, mak he start work, b4 dy change ham for ham

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