Pastor Remote was really embarrassed 不不不

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  • Title: Pastor Remote was really embarrassed 不不不
  • Author: Iamremote Tv
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  • Upload Date: 2022-07-16 13:04:01
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    1. Please let introduce this guys to our friends so they can subscribe. His comedy deserves more FOLLOWERS and SUBSCRIBERS than this

    2. 不不不云云云不不

    3. I cannot get enough of pastor remote i swear

    4. Finally, fi ege je predator

    5. When he started eating the holy orange!!!不不不不不

    6. Too funny不不不不不

    7. Remote you are seriously laughable

    8. F'ege je predator

    9. Why dint you show the driver? He is funny asl.

    10. This is masterful, creative and hilarious; keep it going!

    11. That driver ehn….不不不不

    12. Jo- Judge of the jungle ni

    13. Remote is vibe heeen

    14. Money from the back,he say enipe
      He started looking for money
      When we get down
      Driver say we know your type

      But the driver is merciful sha,he gave you different kind of predator drink

    15. Even as an Igbo man, remote is one of my favorite skit makers. Him and Shank are the legends of the game

    16. Fi ege je predator 不不不

    17. 不不不 remote o ni pa mi

    18. Johnny Depp ni不

    19. jor jorgor ni

    20. Ah! Raw cassava and different versions of predator energy drink! He will get to Ekiti in no time不

    21. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 this driver is wickedddddd

    22. Lol…..remote won't kill person. Kai I laugh hard

    23. My own is that still his mouth folding and eye opening for me ooo

    24. Thank you bro for giving joy

    25. normally life no suppose hard

    26. 不不不不不 ogbeni

    27. 不不不

    28. This guy should be rated, I love his comedy, he's just funny

    29. So hilarious!

    30. How far was he dropped

    31. This guyyyy

    32. I can't stop laughing

    33. Remote 不不不
      Higher places in Jesus name

    34. Is the Oshan for me


    36. You are the best

    37. Watch 10times allready. Can't stop

    38. Its the intro song lol
      U can do better

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