Pastor Remote will learn from this 不不

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You wont regret watching this..super hilarious 不 Another hilarious skit from Mc Remote

#remotecomedy #nigeriancomedy #iamremote #iamremotetv

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  • Title: Pastor Remote will learn from this 不不
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    1. The eyes alone is comedy and the mouth

    2. 不不不lost blow

    3. I couldn't stop laughing,,,
      I wish i could record myself laughing and post here,,,i laughed like a stupid useless entity,,,不不不

    4. The punch was almost 'legit'.

    5. Pastor dey settle fight, why are you running

    6. Nice one remote

    7. So hilarious

    8. I pray one day someone will not wind up the glass against him and drive him away…….enu crocodile不不不

    9. Youre doing well my bro

    10. 予予予予予

    11. This eyes gan self! Na greedy looks.

    12. Lol this man no go kill me

    13. Why ur eyes dey always big at first time

    14. As the pastor je blow, e sweet me well

    15. I just dey enjoy the entry song

    16. 不不不不不不

    17. I love those South Africa Zulu songs

    18. Pastor don collect today 不不

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