Pastor was given honorarium by Woliagba 不不不

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  • Title: Pastor was given honorarium by Woliagba 不不不
  • Author: Iamremote Tv
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  • Upload Date: 2022-10-11 01:26:30
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    1. 不Accursed pastor na hin be this remote…same prayer for different class of people

    2. Pastor remote I salute money matter is so powerful

    3. Lol
      Na the open and rugged shoe choke mhi

    4. Remote he's the only comedian that crack me up so much…. Kudos man

    5. This guy remote is crazy 不不不

    6. For the first time, I'm in support of Remote's action不

    7. Ahhh……Konii yeeee不. God punish u @iamremote儭儭儭

    8. Pastor remote no dey waste time 不

    9. Pastor Remote 不

    10. 0:06 pray over your shoes. Heaven helps those who help themselves

    11. These two guys have a special connection…..不不不不不

    12. Whenever Remote and Woli collaborate, e dy always hit… I remember when he remove Woli tyre

    13. You are really showcasing the evil Nigeria pastors and their G O do

    14. This guy is really good and great

    15. This video got me laughing like crazy in the middle of the night… 不

    16. 不 shoe don open mouth

    17. My brother, I watched this more than 5 times. So so so hilarious

    18. I have always imagined how they share after the crusade.. Now I know

    19. Remote is something else

    20. Daddy sef no give remote 5% Daddy Na Agba ripper

    21. This is comedy version of what happened in real life.

    22. Ewoooooooo .

    23. Maili cane able . Is that tongues

    24. Lol…amazing content

    25. The shoes ihn 不不不fire

    26. Lmaoooo 不不不

    27. But honestly from 6million u dash Remote 3500,this Woliagba wicked small sha hahahahaha

    28. Woli Agba never jokes wit his offering box. Box when make m dey beat dele

    29. It's called.. Behind the scenes. Members are not permitted to experience this.

    30. Awon Omo komo meta!

    31. But which kind shoe be this 不不不

    32. O wrong now!

    33. I thought you guys fought eachother ni不

    34. the connection between blessings and curses is very close with Pastor Remote

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